Roon 1.8 : album display tags "CD" or "MP3" where are you?

How do I get the tags “CD” or “MP3”, etc. put on the album display ?

If it is no more possible, how can I go back to 1.7 ?

Thanks a lot !


Try Settings-General-Customize Album Display-Show Album Format. It shows the Album Format below the album rather than on the cover itself. Hope this helps?

Thanks but I want to have it on the cover itself like in the 1.7 version.

Why have ROON removed this very usefull function ? …

How can I go back to the 1.7 version ?


Probably moved the text below the Album so the art isn’t obstructed. Personally, I’d rather see the album art. The information is still a couple mm’s away or less.

There are threads on this. It won’t be easy.

Are you talking about the replacement of “CD” with “FLAC 16/44” in album display options?

I’m talking about the tag that was placed on the album art.
It was very easy to immediately see if the recording was a CD quality or HD or DSF.

Impossible to go back to 1.7 ???
Even Windows allowed to roll back if the upgrade was bad…
And 1.8 is an ugly nightmare …

Here are the tags of the 1.7 version:

1.8 has replaced CD with FLAC 16/44. This doesn’t show up on the album cover but below. Are you seeing that?

I want to have the tag on the album cover, as it was in the 1.7 version.

Not possible I’m afraid.