Roon 1.8 - browse artist by first alpabetical letter - function gone on ipad app?

The title should say it all…
Before you could touch the aplhabet in the lower part of the screen in artist browser.
So you could quickly skip to “Y” for example. I can´t find that funktion anymore.
Hope I am not expected to scroll down from A to Z each time, when searching for ZZ Top…
Any advice?

@Stefan_Reinhard On the album page have you tried using the filter?

thanks, I know I can sort by artist on the album page.
But I have my album page always sorted by import date (to keep up on the new albums).
What I am searching for is an easy way to navigate the artist page. Seach funciton doesn´t help by the way.
On Windows I can just tap a key to navigate to the artists starting with “P” for example.
On the Ipad I have no keyboard.

You can hold down the scrollbar on the right side. Then the letter appears where you are currently located.

thanks, I´ll try that out!

… just tried it… works. - the sroll bar
Of course you have to know, that the scrollbar only appears when you have already touched the far side of the screen…

For lefties like me also on the wrong side. But that is not a unique selling point of Roon.

are you using the search function in album view? It seems to search for album titles and artists…

thanks again - that type of solved my problem!

ah… now I see what you are doing… good - I want to browse the artist page, so the scroll bar workaround is better for me