Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

The date of addition of file to the database doesn’t seem to be available. Anyone know where it’s hiding?

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Well, that’s very strange. I too have a lot of unidentified “boxsets” (personal recordings of things like the BBC Proms). Yet with filetags, I seem to have a very workable Focus system; including Compositions:

The ‘versions’ tab seems to be at Album level, whereas it used to be at track level. Is that hiding somewhere ?

I set up “Custom Album Display” to show “Qobuz” and “Library” badges.
A search leads to “Albums” in display.
If I click “More” from “Albums”, the badges are no longer displayed. Why? This is info I want to see when I looking at a screen full of album covers.


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It works great on my Android phone, but with my Chromebook running Android 9 the Roon app is missing the menu icon in the top left corner. Therefore, I am unable to access the menus. Very annoying.

Update went quite smooth and I am pretty positive about the new Roon.

Something that already caught me is that (on iOS) some click targets are not clear as interactive elements.

For example here:

Had to tap wildly on the screen to realize that multiple white text words (such as artist and record name) lead to different destinations. I know this now but what else am I missing out that are not clear.


I miss being able to see the star ratings when in album view. Please bring this back!

Otherwise, awesome. Thanks!


I have several cases like that…

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If Roon can’t identify the album(s), then you will need to provide your own filetags… This is nothing new, I think?

In the iOS (iPhone 12 Pro Max) app if I scroll in the list of My Albums and I select and album then go back, the view scrolls to the top. And I have to find where I were in my list. This is making the iOS app unusable for me. Settings - About crashes the app. Seems you guys need to iron out some bugs. Fixing the scoll position is top priority from my point of view.


So many long outstanding requests, and the only two which seem to have made it into this release are vertical scrolling and portrait mode. Well, that’s something I suppose. All in all a bit meh from my perspective if I were to be brutally honest.


This 1.8 is an absolute disaster.

Every single UI/UX change is plain bad. First, everything is now huge. I have a 4K screen on PC and an IPad Pro 12.9” and the amount of data shown is now half of what is was (and it wasn’t enough to begin with). The continuous scrolling down instead of the paged side scrolling makes my entire present setup unusable, before I had 4-8 pages of easy to navigate collections, now I have one big mess. And no, the focus function does not help, if I new what I wanted to listen to to I would just search for that, I want to see all the options within a collection and choose from those. Many of the existing functions such as the indented, structured song titles with rich metadata, such as tags, playlists are gone, we only have long lists of song titles which are just blending together. My eyes are completely wrecked from the amount of mindless scrolling, and also the scrolling is abysmally bad, slow and juddery on iPad. On windows 10 (Ryzen 5950x w/ 3080) the UI is even slower, the last time I saw something like this in the early 90s on an XT. Clicks executed with half a second lags, screen loading in half a minute.

The very reason why I don’t use the Tidal and Qobuz apps because those have the same unusable UI solutions. I want the old UI back. I have paid hundreds of euros for a lifetime access for that UI, not this joke.

Also, now tags work differently (both in focus and bookmarks): you cannot add two tags to a search or bookmark, you can only use them together as a logical AND or a logical NOT, but no OR (which was the default before). As the tags had been added to my albums with that functionality in mind, now I would have to retag some 2000 albums too.

Frankly, if anyone has an alternative software please recommend it, I don’t care about the 600 EUR I’ve paid, I want something that is usable.


Fixed Export in my case. Well done, thank you :slight_smile:

Missing the album ratings nothing else stands out yet, too early to say.


come on Geoff - do you believe I have my file tags not in order :wink: ?

All my files have WORK and PART tags. Roon also does properly link back to the composition if I click on the disc symbol.

Agreed – I really like seeing the rating while scrolling through albums. Please put back!


The same Problem

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