Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

This 1.8 is an absolute disaster.

Every single UI/UX change is plain bad. First, everything is now huge. I have a 4K screen on PC and an IPad Pro 12.9” and the amount of data shown is now half of what is was (and it wasn’t enough to begin with). The continuous scrolling down instead of the paged side scrolling makes my entire present setup unusable, before I had 4-8 pages of easy to navigate collections, now I have one big mess. And no, the focus function does not help, if I new what I wanted to listen to to I would just search for that, I want to see all the options within a collection and choose from those. Many of the existing functions such as the indented, structured song titles with rich metadata, such as tags, playlists are gone, we only have long lists of song titles which are just blending together. My eyes are completely wrecked from the amount of mindless scrolling, and also the scrolling is abysmally bad, slow and juddery on iPad. On windows 10 (Ryzen 5950x w/ 3080) the UI is even slower, the last time I saw something like this in the early 90s on an XT. Clicks executed with half a second lags, screen loading in half a minute.

The very reason why I don’t use the Tidal and Qobuz apps because those have the same unusable UI solutions. I want the old UI back. I have paid hundreds of euros for a lifetime access for that UI, not this joke.

Also, now tags work differently (both in focus and bookmarks): you cannot add two tags to a search or bookmark, you can only use them together as a logical AND or a logical NOT, but no OR (which was the default before). As the tags had been added to my albums with that functionality in mind, now I would have to retag some 2000 albums too.

Frankly, if anyone has an alternative software please recommend it, I don’t care about the 600 EUR I’ve paid, I want something that is usable.


Fixed Export in my case. Well done, thank you :slight_smile:

Missing the album ratings nothing else stands out yet, too early to say.


come on Geoff - do you believe I have my file tags not in order :wink: ?

All my files have WORK and PART tags. Roon also does properly link back to the composition if I click on the disc symbol.

Agreed – I really like seeing the rating while scrolling through albums. Please put back!


The same Problem

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Roon really should have put some mention in the IOS app release notes that the new version will not connect at all to previous (1.7) core versions. And as Apple won’t let you restore the old version of an IOS app, you’re forced to upgrade the core to 1.8. This is very bad practice…

Updated flawlessly
Love the new look and features so far! Not one glitch. GREAT JOB!

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Where is the promised Tidal Top Tracks?

From @mike in April 2020…

“ Yeah, we’re aware of this issue and unfortunately it hasn’t been addressed yet.

I can’t commit to a specific timeline yet, but I can tell you it will be fixed later this year.”

Another lie? Or have I missed it?

When I go to My Artists-Focus-Storage Locations I don’t see View more.

When I go to My Albums-Focus-Storage Locations I can see View more

See attachments

Went smooth so far for my pc setup, iPhone and iPad.
To be honest, not a fan of the new UI but understood it’s impossible for the change to please everyone. At least it’s better to provide options for end user to choose from, like the extend of waveform pattern during playback, scroll direction, etc.

Anyway, I appreciated all the efforts Roon team has devoted in this version. Guts and heart, you always need both to make a change!

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Then report a bug in the Support category of the forum, if this is what you seeing. My experience is that Focus is seeing Compositions on unidentified albums/boxsets.

You have beer on me.

already reported it in the beta section. Am just interested if anybody else is experiencing the same.

Sorry to hear about your issue. I did note this message on top of every page of Roon Labs forum which made it clear to me that 1.8 had to be installed on core and device. Am I missing something? Never mind, I see you wanted it also in the release notes.

Roon 1.8 is here! Remember to update your iOS and Android devices first, before you update your Core.

You’ll need 1.8 on both your Core and your Remotes, so make sure 1.8 is available in your favorite app store first!

UPDATE: You all hammered the community site so hard that we had to upgrade the servers. Things should be back to normal now. Hope you are already enjoying 1.8!

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Damn… I performed the update and now: “There was an issue loading your database”… Cannot acces to Roon on my Mac and on my iPhone…
Tried to re-install /opt/RoonServer on my nuc, no succes… What is happening!

Did you scroll all the way to the bottom of the list (It is scrollable). There should also be a slider bar just to the right of the list, indicating it’s scrollable.

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I imagine that there are new features that I may come to like, but early impressions are not favourable:

  • Large serif font used all over is ugly and out of keeping with the overall look.
  • Very unhappy that I can no longer favourite a track directly in the now playing view on my iPhone.
  • Add to tag isn’t working properly on the iPhone. I don’t see previously added tags and sometimes the list of tags doesn’t show at all.
  • And where have bookmarks gone on the iPhone?

Well guys, I have to say, the emails leading up to 1.8 release built up the expectations. That these were met or exceeded is testament to the work that has gone into the new interface. Good work that man. Loving it
Particularly like the vertical scrolling of library AND I can now use Roon portrait or landscape. Update was a breeze on galaxy tab s7plus and s20 phone (both via play store), 432evo updated silently in the background error free as well. Big thumbs-up from me