Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

You should see compositions as part of focus. That helps with navigation in boxsets. The more complex focus scenario you describe might be a problem.

not too much, I‘m afraid

Two biggest pluses I have longed for: Can now see the albums in my collection by composer, something that was not readily done before; and no more sideways scrolling!

Not real wild about the look yet, too much white or too dark. And the focus on ‘popularity’ doesn’t really do much for me. But all in all, pretty cool stuff, can’t wait to check it all out.

Where is FOCUS ON SIMILAR for albums

As I said earlier, try using Focus in boxsets instead of Disc number… Personally, I find the experience much more relevant.

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That’s weird, works like a charm here (3080, 5900X, 32GB 3600mhz ram BUT on 1440p 60 hz). No sluggishness whatsoever though :thinking:

Me, I think the vertical scrolling is a huge improvement and I love the overall look way better now. Only tinkered with it for an hour though, time for bed.

Minor point: you did not pay for a certain UI, you paid for a lifetime of acces to an evolving product, whether you read the small print or realized this yourself or not. Sorry this change doesn’t please you more. Maybe you’ll get used to it or like the next one better?

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Something I miss is that now in the album view when playing an album, I can’t see the other albums by that artist. Am I missing something?


Would try to update gfx card drivers etc. Or just a reboot. It’s really snappy here. Something is wrong with your pc setup.

Congratulations to the Roon team on a fantastic release. The new UI is clean and fresh, big fan. My only gripe so far is the ‘burying’ of the ‘Discover’ tab, should be brought back to the forefront.

Oh, and a nice surprise was Roon clients now being able see the Core when running over Wireguard VPN!


I love that I can now consistently read the album reviews, biographies and other text. It used to be very hit and miss depending on the colours in artist photos and album covers. The new fonts are much more legible in light and dark themes. I’m swinging to the light I think we it feels more like a publication.

As an habitual groomer of my library I also like the new look of the editing screens. They seem a little easier to use, especially when editing credits.

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Upgrading to 1.8 might have been a huge mistake on my part. The new format makes it a giant waste of time on my end. It looks like I have to scroll and scroll thru may albums as the ability to jump to the first letter in a artists name is gone as the little “abc” feature appears to be gone. To make it even worse the number of albums displayed on each page is about 50% less. Just terrible so far.



  • I used to be able to live with the “reloading of Roon interface” swapping between iOS apps, annoying - but workable…
    Now - along a lot of nice stuff in 1.8 I get a full screen white - (read that again please) flash of the screen for every reload of the app - absolutely horrendous, please please fix this most urgently… I keep smiling at the cam for every relaunch of the Roon app…

Of course I know that, but it’s quick links menu and it’s useless for release dates in that case.

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Cant play more then few songs then stops.No Roon Radio.Un usable.

Yes, please give us this option


I have mixed feelings about this release at the moment, which I think will become clearer after I have had more time to appreciate all the changes made. I can see a “lot” of work has gone into this and I am guessing this overhaul makes “mobile roon” more feasible down the line.

I have a couple of issues I would like to report back:

  1. When I click on the home page - the recent listening takes some while to load, I just see the Roon symbol rendering until it loads.

  1. I can’t seem to sort Albums by Date released anymore. In 1.7 we could decide whether to sort old > new or old < new. Has this been removed intentionally? Any chance we can have back?

Thanks! In! Advance!


Do you confirm that “Discover” option has been removed or is there a way to get it back?

Yes, The new look is awesome!!

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Me too! A couple other places where I’m fairly sure that I see spinning longer than I used to.

Wait, what?! Absolutely horrible! That’s ruined half of my bookmarks! :scream: :confounded: