Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

This thread is for general comments and feedback regarding Roon 1.8. Tell the devs and the Community what you like or loathe !

As always, should you have an issue requiring assistance, please open a separate thread in the Support category. Please keep this thread for comments about what is actually in 1.8.

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I thought I’d see what all the fuss by all you crazies is about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well sh!t ! Damn ! It’s very zippy.

Love the facelift.


Lifetime user & I’ll continue with Roon regardless, but one of my favourite graphical features - the Waveform - has shrunk!
The rest of the changes will take some time to sink in…

But, if anything, I’d personally prefer the Waveform graphic to be larger & stretch completely across the screen…
It’s a good reference for where you are in a track, what’s just about to happen musically / in terms of levels, and (as others have mentioned) to move forwards or backwards easily during a track as it’s easier to click on the place you want to play from.

Why is ‘Hello my name’ so large? It takes up a lot of valuable real-estate, makes the rest of the line unusable & is somewhat overbearing. It’s also in ‘yet another’ font - please be consistent & use one font!

I exclusively use ‘Dark Mode’: why is the ‘recently added / played’ bar in such a jarringly bright blue - compared to the rest of the ‘panels’ that you scroll down to which are all ‘light black’?

Why is there so much wasted display space on a wide-screen monitor?

Why are there now round images & square images - again - it’s inconsistent.

Windows10-64bit Core & 2 Win10-64bit Remotes installed quickly & flawlessly.


Installed with no issues to my Core, my iPad, my iPhone and my other MAC Book Pro remote. Looks awesome.


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In my 300k Library I have following Issue
Shuffle play all titles, it plays only Interprets starting with A
Shuffle play Albums, it plays only Songs from Various Artists Albums
Shuffle play Interprets works more or less

I think it takes the first 5000 in the list and do a shuffle over that… But I would like to Shuffle a list which has 200k entries. Was no issue with 1.7


killed my samsung tablet. galaxy s6 six months old. cannot update without update from google play. update not posted. to google play. tab for TIDAL masters has disappeared on IOS. icons for artwork take up half the screen. this update sucks for me.


Why does it say Build 748 in the thread Title? I’ve got Build 753 installed on my devices here…

Love it… seems much faster for Tidal and Qobuz


Same here on iPhone. On iPad it crashes when clicking Settings. 2 iPads. One latest IOS the other one 12.5.1.


I’m sure I’ll get used to it quickly. I quite like the new look

However I always still get the top and bottom with play actions not the full screens shown in all the marketing mails that were send . Also when changing orientation on ipad Pro there’s this strange flicker …
and unfortunatly still no widget for quick access

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Haven’t looked around much yet but everything installed and works correctly. No problems with any of the items other people seem to be having so far.

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Love the new look, much better than before. Great update!

Anyway two things I noticed immediately which were better before:

  • Discover is now under Home menu and you need to scroll way down to get there. This is one of the best functions in Roon and definitely deserves its place in the main navigation menu, not under Home.

  • Waveform navigation bar while playing tracks is super small now, it was better before. Now it’s more difficult to see the waveform.

Everything else looks superb this far, thanks Roon.


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Not seeing that here on iPhone 11/ios 14.4

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Not at all happy. The album icons are far too big 6 wide instead off the old 13. Vertical scrolling is crap. Horizontal is far better when using a 16:9 screen. The general appearance is awful compared to the 1.7. I will be seriously considering not renewing my subscription in October.

Sorry guys but you’ve got this update all wrong


Hi guys, the only gripe I have now is that if I scroll down my albums on the Windows App, click on one and then return to my albums it scrolls all the way back up to the start of my albums and I have to scroll all the way down again… Don’t know if there is a setting to change but its frustrating.
Edit: I see this happens in my “Bookmarks” not on my “Albums” view.