Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

I was using a Kindle Fire to have a full-featured remote because my iPad died.

The Kindle Fire now has the features of my iPhone, which does not allow for any editing. Need to use a laptop now for any type of editing or library management.

Bookmarks is more difficult to access on the iPhone app

Scrolling through covers in Tags or Bookmarks is jumpy. And if you click on a title and click the back button, it seems to take you to an arbitrary place in the list. You need to rescroll to get to where you were. Not convenient.

Of course. It runs Maya, Nuke, 3DS, Zbrush, HZD and Control, all MS and Adobe software like a charm and only Roon looks like a browser on a slow connection…

happy here

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I updated my iOS and Android devices. Now each device is looking for my Roon Core (which is ROCK). Not finding it. What can I do?

Anyone else having the feeling that the sound quality has changed? Was there any changes to RAAT or something that could achieve this? To me it sounds more detailed and crisp now and the overall sound is somehow a little louder. I don’t have any DSP or volume levelling activated.

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@Occamsrazor On your iPhone select the three lines top left, then scroll down and select settings, then at the top of the screen select setup, then select Theme then select dark. Same process on a Mac just select settings from the menu on the left.
I would take time to explore and live with it and get used to it.

This. And the star rating is no longer on the main album page.


I’m generally happy with the new look and feel. I do have some concerns that I’ll comment on when I’ve had more time with it. But isn’t anyone else experiencing tremendous latency on search and other basic functions that hit Roons back end servers? I’m assuming it just that all of us are playing with the new toy and this hitting the servers hard. Almost unusable for now. Hopefully better tomorrow

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In previous versions of Roon, we only had the ‘boolean OR’ function, and we were requesting to have ALSO the boolean AND funtion.

With release 1.8 we finally got our AND function. Unfortunately Roon forgot the word ALSO, sine now we have lost the OR function completely.

This is indeed quite a disaster for (some of) my Bookmarks.
Even more so, as i do not have a clue on how to solve this ( using newly defined tags and bookmarks.

I definetely want the OR function back, on top of or besides the new AND.

UPDATE: It can be done with tags, by reversing the tags but it trying to workaround things again. Working but neither efficient nor nice/simple.

OR function : Tag A + Tag B results in TAG A+B
To get this you can do NOT( NOT Tag A & NOT Tab B)


This. Gotta bring this back!

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Just updated ROCK to 1.8 on my new NUC8i5BEH. No issues at all. Great new look. Looking forward to diving in further.

@steven_berne Power off your core then power it back on and be patient…5 minutes or so.

Surprised no-one has mentioned Live Radio. It seems borked to me. For all the stations saved in the My Live Radio section I’m now told the station no longer exists.

The Live Radio section contains recently played stations but I get the same message as above, and searches don’t seem to bring up radio stations at all.


It wasn’t scrolling. It was fixed.

But we are talking about dumb and dumber here.

For me personally for 2 to about 10 disks the previous version though not ideal was acceptable. Once it was past that it started to become unusable unless you had a photographic memory. 1.8 actually makes it worse as the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater for small box-sets. For larger ones you still need a photographic memory but now you also need precise mouse motor skills instead of a click or a tap. The only reason I can imagine for this clumsy change was to accommodate all the other clumsy UI changes.


On the big picture, this release fixes a lot of the UI issues bugging 1.7 and earlier. Thats really great! :+1:

On a detail level, there are still a lot of quirks, odd behaviours and bugs that need ironing out. But overall, a very nice release.

iPhone not showing up as an endpoint (besides crashing frequently) iPad Airplay 2 does show up as an endpoint.

At first glance a lot of my pet gripes have been dealt with. Search still throws up a lot of superfluous stuff but - again at first glance - seems to return more pertinent information.

That focus now not only seems to work properly but is fully integrated is a definite improvement.

Roon radio still seems to keep fishing in a very small pond. Will come back to that after the weekend but this still seem to be a badly implemented feature.

For the moment I’m relatively pleasantly surprised.

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If you are mentioning Artist page I can confirm. Most is loading ++30 sec or throw an error

I’ve only tried a few things in focus but I am nor seeing this. Just an OR. So I am a bit puzzled?