Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

The most important feature is now missing!!
On the right there were similar albums so I could explore new music based on what I am hearing. The discover function was never really helpful, it mostly just shows the music I have already heard, and it still seems to be like that. (and “discover” is now harder to discover…)
Besides that the new presentation is nice


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@Occamsrazor Any screen in particular?

I am seeing latency too - I’m glad to hear that it’s not just me.

I rebooted my ROCK but still some latency.

I hope this is temporary.

I got it working on an m1 mini by downloading directly from Roon Software Downloads - PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS | Get it Now

And replacing the existing install, then make sure to not use your old launcher icon by run it from the application folder.

My brother has installed 1.8, I held back. He is supplying me with screenshots. I am by no means convinced that the 1.8 view below makes better use of an iPad display than my 1.7 version. Lots of dead screen space in 1.8? To me, for this view, 1.7 just looks so much better organised.


“In my library” is not the same as “local storage”. If you had added those Tidal tracks/albums to your library earlier, then they’ll be “in your library”.

How did that work for the 100-album box set you mentioned in your post?

(I ask, because the largest box set I have is only 11 albums, which works fine in either horizontal or vertical mode. I’m just curious what user-interface would work well for a 100 album box set.)

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I meant when I choose “Classical Piano” and “Concerto”, I am expecting to see Classical Piano and Concerto, that is I am expecting to see Classical Piano Concertos only.

What I see is all piano (solo, 4 hands, duos) or all concertos (piano, violin, cello, saxophone, whatever . . .)

In the new update Roon 1.8 all my live radio stations don’t work anymore, there are nO URL STREAMS.
Live Radio doesn’t work anymore, Do you have a solution for this problem?

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@Ratbert - I guess mostly the overview/home screen is what I’d like to see, but anything is welcome!

I rather suspect this is a “feature” of having a bunch of new bits driven in the cloud and Roon needing to scale out their backend to match the new demand and or the same reason the forums are barely functional. Their entire customer base is actively pressing buttons at the same time.

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OK- they have messed up the best feature of Roon . Full library shuffle. I have around 5000 albums/ 50000 tracks in my library. In 1.7 and previous hitting Shuffle in the album/ track views would start what appeared to be a pretty good shuffle from all corners of my collection.

Now, it seems to pick the first 5000 tracks from whichever view you have it in (so , for albums -date added- newest, it will pick the first 5000 tracks from the newest added 500 or so albums and shuffle those). This is something of a problem for me. Ditto if you sort by Artist name it will barely get into the “B” before it taps out.

How on earth do they expect this to throw up gems from the oldest parts of my library (or indeed, artists in the “middle” of the alphabet)?


I did as suggested. Still looking for core. I also reset router. Still looking for Core.

Simply beautiful from what I have seen and experienced so far!

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I agree. This is a huge change for the worse as far as I am concerned. I used that UI element every time I played music.


Agreed, and thanks for posting the screenshot comparison… 1.7 just shows more information, better placed, and wastes less space. There’s really a lot of unused space in that top screenshot


I, too, have this problem. Only recently played shows in the list, and when search you by distance, you get the same recently played radio stations.