Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

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Not at all happy. The album icons are far too big 6 wide instead off the old 13. Vertical scrolling is crap. Horizontal is far better when using a 16:9 screen. The general appearance is awful compared to the 1.7. I will be seriously considering not renewing my subscription in October.

Sorry guys but you’ve got this update all wrong


Hi guys, the only gripe I have now is that if I scroll down my albums on the Windows App, click on one and then return to my albums it scrolls all the way back up to the start of my albums and I have to scroll all the way down again… Don’t know if there is a setting to change but its frustrating.
Edit: I see this happens in my “Bookmarks” not on my “Albums” view.


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Interestingly the new version appears to be less memory hungry than 1.7 which is a nice surprise. Also a lot snappier running on my NAS. Well done, Team!
PS: I’m sure I’ll get used to the new interface :wink:


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Only just downloaded the update an hour ago but my first impressions are:

  • New look and feel is clean a fresh. A nice improvement on an already great UI.

  • The new Discover feature is awesome! It has already introduced me to some great albums I had previously missed.


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Auto update on OSX didn’t work, didn’t work for the last 1.7 bug fix either though, may be because my core is on an M1. I had to manually download from the website and guess that it was the new version based on a different file size even though the site still had the “1.8 is coming banner up”

In the end core OSX update and remote OSX update and iOS/android went fine though and its all working perfectly. Discovered two new artists in about 10 minutes of listening already.

Loving the look, also changed the icons on my endpoints with the new custom ones!

Wow, there’s a lot to discover.

First impressions:

  • Settings menu is incomplete in the desktop version (but Roon is aware of that already). I want to tweak some settings, but I guess I’ll have to wait until it’s fixed.
  • Much better perfomance on the iOS apps, although I already had a few crashed too.
  • Portrait mode on the iPad, yay!
  • It’s not possible anymore to show track numbers in the iPhone app? (That would be a bummer).
  • Great to see that it’s now possible to filter by bootlegs or live recordings. Lots of options for ‘focus’ in general. Have to play around with it a bit more :slight_smile:

I need some coffee now…


Same Issue here

All installed quickly and easily (iPhone and iPad Remote apps, plus Roon Core on NUC and Mac app used as a remote).

As for usin, so far so good. I like the new look and feel, and already took advantage of the new Valence suggestions. 1.8 seems a lot closer to realizing the vision of Roon.

I’m not ready to say it’s a homerun, but it was worth the wait.


Assuming I can post in this thread even though the build installed on my machines is 753, first of all I totally love the new interface and possibilities!

On my MacBook Pro, the app crashed a few times when trying out “Focus” to find versions of Beethovens “Große Fuge” (I use the Mac App to access a Roon Core on an Intel NUC). No crashes of the iPad version which is great to use in the new portrait mode.

I wish the “Focus” feature had more options though. For example, looking for versions of the classic tune “Ain’t misbehavin’” (there are hundreds"), it would be great to be able to limit the search to certain years or decades instead of only “Format”, “Source”, “Performers”, “Composers” (obviously some nonsense turns up here too), “Producers”, “Genre” and “Label”.

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748 my Ipad. 753 my Sonictransport.

Everything seems way snappier and responsive for me pretty much across the board. Using Win 10-based NUC + Qnap NAS with Win10, Android, and iOS clients. All working with Tidal and Qoboz (which also seem more responsive). So far so good. Looking forward to digging in more.

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Same. I really prefer a wider waveform.

The UI does seem smoother on my Mac, though, which is always nice. However, in general, it feels like the info is less dense, which I’m less a fan of. Maybe it’s just perception, but it just feels like there’s more whitespace, which I’d prefer less of, and overly-large UI elements.

Other than that, I don’t have a ton of feedback so far. I’m not really the target audience for the analytics stuff (I don’t really care one way or another), so the UI changes are really the biggest thing for me, I think.


Same for me Berry. Dutch Windows???

First impression is good!
Installation on all my Android platforms whithout any problems

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Already loving it. Great work Roon!