Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

Upgrade went without a hitch on Core (2018 Mac mini/Mojave), main Remote (2018 MacBook Pro/Mojave), and an android tablet. Really like the new interface and features, and noticed a big improvement with classical music and enhanced focus functions. Everything seems pretty intuitive. The only beef I have is I’d like to be able to see more items on the albums screen (say 18 or 24 rather than 12).

Great job Roon :clap: :+1:.

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I worked in record stores for 10 years, two of them with dedicated classical stores attached as an aside. I don’t think I ever saw a 100 (or even 50) disc classic box set. “Extremely common” might be a little hyperbolic.

Using Source (under Focus) seems to be the correct way of distinguishing between local and remote “in library” albums.

No Live Radio :frowning:
No Roon Radio from services , only : Unexpected error and items from library …
When we can expect 1.9 version ? :smiley: Win10/Android and Nuc


It doesn’t have to be a 100. Its awkward enough with 20 or 30. Larger box-sets such as these are not unusual in genres like Classical music. Very common in fact. There have been requests to improve handling of larger box sets going back 5 years to the origins of roon, so you are going to see many comments like mine.


@Occamsrazor The waste of screen space you refer to others may see as being uncluttered?
Here is the same view on a 10.5” iPad in portrait and landscape.


Yes, and I think this is terrible.
Before I had a focus group that included pretty much all my non classical genres. How do I get that now? It doesn’t make sense that to get a playback list made up of rock, pop, jazz, blues, and R&B, I have to focus on a list of the groups I don’t want and make them negative.

I’m fairly happy with this release. Had to search to find the DSP settings, but they are there.
Please make the Roon Radio working again, I suppose that will be a children’s disease but I miss it (now limited to my library)

Upgraded my SGC i5 sonicTransporter, 2 iPads, iPhone and macBook. No problems with the upgrade. Still playing and learning but so far so good. What about endpoints like my Sonore ultrarendu and Ropieee. Is there an upgrade for them?

The colour washes under the text from photos and artwork were a major problem from an accessibility point of view in the old release. I’m finding the new one much easier to use. Much is a matter of personal taste of course, but I find that I’m adapting really well.

This is horrible and should be reverted. The new stuff is just kitschy purple glitz while useful features were removed. I wish I could revert to 1.7 [Moderated]


Were are the other settings like audio, backup etc…i find only Browser preferences and sorting preferences under the settings option???

Yes please!
Same for the concerts section.

They killed Kenny.

Some initial impressions:

  1. Still no love for the red-headed step child of Roon - History. Focus and filter nearly everywhere has been one of the major features touted for the release, but it’s missing from arguably one of the most useful places for it. There’s no configurable columns either. The only new thing about history is load times are quicker. So now it’s useless, faster. And the row widths are higher so there’s even less info shown. Why not implement the same schema as the Tracks section?

  2. I like the shift of the play bar to the centre, but the waveform has shrunk again. I remember when Roon experimented with doing that last time around and it was almost universally requested to revert it to full size. They’re having another go it seems.

  3. The artist Overview and Discography tabs look like a huge complication for very little benefit. In fact everything feels like more clicks to do the same stuff. That might be unfamiliarity but it doesn’t look promising. And it’s really hard to see what’s in the streaming libraries that I might want to add to my library at a glance.

  4. Performance. It feels worse on my crappy hardware. It’s doing a display trick where the artist photo is displayed really quickly but actually displaying content takes a very long time. The “spinning Roon” animation is going to get old very quickly.

  5. Tags: Not sure about the design decision to make them such a stealth colour. Seems odd. And removing a tag is now a massive faff. You can add a tag from the tag manager, but you can only remove a tag by going into the contents, right clicking and selecting remove from tag. Grim.


let me think

Karajan Box Sets (60‘s, 70‘s, 80‘s) > 70 each
Serkin > 70
Szell > 100
Brendel > 100
Munch > 80
Jochum, Kubelik, Fricsay > 50

In a way they are extremely common nowadays for „older“ artists. Maybe not in the majority but common for collectors.


@leon-jehae On what device?

Weird - I played Radio Paradise earlier to see if album art/info had been integrated in 1.8 (it had not), but now it says the station does not exist. [I also don’t understand why Live Radio and My Live Radio were not combined?]

Edit: I just tried it from iphone and it (Radio Paradise at leat) shows up and works as in past.

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Ratbert, one of the main goals seems to have been to make everything vertical friendly for the tablets. In doing so, they created a monstrous waste of space for desktop users. See my master of puppets page.

And it only gets worse the higher in resolution and/or larger in screen size you go.


I wonder if they can add that view back. Anyone know?