Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback


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I think Roon 1.8 is terrific. I’ve only had one small issue and I think (hope) it has been resolved.

I run Roon core on a Roon Nucleus and use a Dell XPS 15 (Windows 10), iPad Mini 4 (IOS 14.4), and iPhone 11 Pro Max (IOS 14.4) as Roon control devices. My end-points are an Oppo 203 and two Raspberry Pi 4’s feeding a Meridian Prime and Dragonfly Cobalt.

I had no issues updating everything from Roon 1.7 to 1.8 and all worked perfectly out-of-the-box.

Thanks to all the Roon team for providing this great product.


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This thing with the shuffle option is a deal breaker for me. My sub is up in March. Back to JRiver.


I posted above about artist discography not loading in the album view. It is now loading if I scroll down passed the album tracks. I guess something on Roon’s servers needed to update before it would show.


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I’d like to go back to 1.7


Thank god my favourite game is still there !


upgraded ROCK, Mac, iPad, iPhone in 10 min. Everything looks amazing. Will explore. Thanks Roon team !


just a thought, try re-sizing your screen size ?

New redesigned Focus feature they said…
Every time it opens much more slower than on 1.7.

Thanks for the reply
I just posted a picture

Good idea; just tried, no change

It seems to finally work fine (recommendations, new release for you, classical discovery…). I must say the new features look great. A bit late to fully test them tonight, but hopefully tomorrow.

same for me. But I then updated my windows display driver and that solved the problem.

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I hope Roon puts out a tutorial of some sort. Man, I consider my completely computer literate, but I am having some problems figuring out to do some things in 1.8. Maybe I’m stuck in a 1.7 state of mind. Probably best to step away and just listen to some music for the rest of the night.


I think the slow load is from Roon trying to fetch suggested new releases or, on artist pages, common collaborations which would be displayed in a banner. It seems to be most often timing out and not loading these.

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It loads sometimes for me. Other times I get the loading symbol. I think it times out, but it is still there and seems to come with some new types of suggestions.

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This will be a huge usability issue for me. I already have to upsize fonts on my devices to see everything. Roon’s fonts were already bordering on being too small. I also agree on the usability and layout. The “let’s bold all the fonts” upgrade doesn’t help for those of us with compromised vision–all it does is make the fonts harder to read.

Not everyone has 20/20 vision. I don’t plan on upgrading to 1.8 for a while if I can help it, especially seeing the many bugs and flaws I knew would be in this new version. But seeing that my renewal is coming up in about four or five weeks, this may be the point where I part company. Clearly we have to be part of an elite crowd with 20/20 vision to use this software. :roll_eyes:

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