Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

Has anyone tried using the manual album identification view? there were a lot of complaints with the old one. How is this an improvement?

There is now a one track letter-box view on the album. It’s very difficult to get the scroll bar working on the left. In fact I couldn’t get it working which is why it is not visible in the screen shot. Then the idea is that you need to move the tracks up and down until they match. This was always difficult, one of the worse designed features of the 1.7 GUI. It just got worse. This is essentially unusable.

There are no good solutions here. There is another album giving a perfect match but it has no “part” information. So another solution is to manually edit the WORK/PART tags for 55 tracks, except you cannot if it is streaming content.

TBH, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that beta testers were not chosen from a wide enough pool that used certain editing and navigation features on a regular basis otherwise how would things like this slip through?


I’d like the option to pick something else too. Something like this would be perfect:

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 11.58.52


LOL :joy:. Good one!

Pixel density and screen size aren’t the same thing, it makes more sense to talk in resolution figures when examining display sizing discrepancies.

Same here :sleepy:

Hmmm… They haven’t ruined Shuffle completely. It works like before when shuffling genres:

Now let’s all together ask to bring back the same functionality for shuffling albums.


Is there a way to remove or collapse this section from the artist overview as there was in 1.7?


How to remove a tag? What does “going into the contents” exactly mean?

Yes, all these issues are relevant!

I see them on a PC Screen but not on a smaller Android phone.

Sorry I wasn’t very clear.

Enter the tag view for the album, right click the album to select it, then in the ellipsis menu the option appears to remove from tag.

A picture paints a thousand words…

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I can’t believe they removed the “Show More Albums” feature ?!
8x3 albums on a 27’’ screen ?! and 5x2 on a regular iPad ?!

So far I’m quite disappointed. Not even one of the basic most wanted features like dealing with boxset releases (different artwork for different disks or parts).

This is an expensive service for you to “just” offer a graphic restyle (removing customization options) when that was not even a most requested feature update.

If you don’t care about user opinion, just don’t create threats asking “most wanted new features”.

Hope I can change my opinion somehow in short future.

Thank you.


It occurred to me to try disabling and then re-enabling Qobuz, and that has solved the problem.


Upgraded my SGC i5 sonicTransporter, 2 iPads, iPhone and macBook. No problems with the upgrade. Still playing and learning but so far so good. What about endpoints like my Sonore ultraRendu and Ropieee.

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I completely agree about the UI/UX. But I’m overjoyed that the Discover element is buried rather than getting in the way of my library, which I felt it did in 1.7. I’d prefer to be able to toggle it on and off.

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I understand how to do the “NOT Tag A” in the focus view and the “NOT Tag B”.
How do I do the overall NOT in the focus view?

I have 20 Cover in the Width on my 49" Ultrawide. Scrolling vertically is perfect and normal on Comupters for Decades. Horizontal scrolling was frustrating.
Bigger Covers are great, i do so much work for Coverart so i will see it. In the Bookshelf the Covers are also not so little.

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See this thread for a workaround while the issue gets addressed.

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Nice and streamline UI, the ability to do portrait mode in iPad is a very welcome feature. I’m using an iPad Air 2 and Roon 1.7 runs quite smooth and fluid but definitely not 1.8. It is very sluggish when scrolling. I wondering my iPad is underpowered?

I noticed the highlights is in purple colour, there’s no way to change to other colour! The only exception is light and dark mode.