Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

Upgraded my SGC i5 sonicTransporter, 2 iPads, iPhone and macBook. No problems with the upgrade. Still playing and learning but so far so good. What about endpoints like my Sonore ultraRendu and Ropieee.

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I completely agree about the UI/UX. But I’m overjoyed that the Discover element is buried rather than getting in the way of my library, which I felt it did in 1.7. I’d prefer to be able to toggle it on and off.

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I understand how to do the “NOT Tag A” in the focus view and the “NOT Tag B”.
How do I do the overall NOT in the focus view?

I have 20 Cover in the Width on my 49" Ultrawide. Scrolling vertically is perfect and normal on Comupters for Decades. Horizontal scrolling was frustrating.
Bigger Covers are great, i do so much work for Coverart so i will see it. In the Bookshelf the Covers are also not so little.

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See this thread for a workaround while the issue gets addressed.

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Nice and streamline UI, the ability to do portrait mode in iPad is a very welcome feature. I’m using an iPad Air 2 and Roon 1.7 runs quite smooth and fluid but definitely not 1.8. It is very sluggish when scrolling. I wondering my iPad is underpowered?

I noticed the highlights is in purple colour, there’s no way to change to other colour! The only exception is light and dark mode.

All good with the pc client.
But the andoid app needs way more work.
Favouriting or banning songs should be way easier. Like from the lockscreen.
And roon should be able to use the android device its best properties.
Like with my Ibasso DX300 i can now select 24bit (previously had to set it to 16bit) but max sample rate, mqa and hardware buttons should be suported.
And i’m not even mentioning android tv.
Anyway i’m not gone pay till all tha tis fixed. If the tidal app can do it prety perfectly than why can’t the Roon app.

I agree 100 %. I see no reason not to make the waveform progress bar larger & stretched out as before. I think this feature is very, very useful and a very important Roon-feature.


Very mixed feelings about the new look. The large font used at the top of the pages etc looks very incongruent. Do you have UX designers?

Home page is pretty cluttered, the discover function, which is my go to has been buried.

Overall impression is that it has become cluttered

Hope you fix you servers. The delay in rendering the home page is unacceptable. Why cant this content be cached?

In the classical genre the sub-genres selection has been relegated. I also use this and have to scroll to get to it.

At least the android app appears to connect to the server quickly, no more waiting to find the core.

Overall impression is that I would like to go back to 1.7. At least give configuration options to turn off a lot of the clutter.


Looks to have been fixed by rebooting my computer and re-pointing to the NAS

I love the update! Came to Roon for the metadata, audio quality and tinkering. New interface is finally up to par with 2020’s. Well done. New metadata functionality and focus integration with Qobuz is AMAZING!

Got some bugs with the settings on my iPhone (extensions page) and clicking settings on my late 2009 27” iMac crashes the application. But have full confidence this will be addressed soon!

Only hope one day Roon will move to Electron. Think that would be great!

I cannot seem to edit tracks or credits from the track level 3 dots. Did it get moved somewhere else to edit a track?

Create a Bookmark for your discover page.

Not ideal but still quicker than scrolling down to the skinny bar on the home page.

just updated…not good…the sound is garbage… super lean bad attempt at detail…bass is awful …ballads now sound like dance tracks whats with the speed? way too fast allan taylor sounds like a chipmunk
the header takes up half the screen on my tablet and theres no track numbers in playlists great

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Once you have applied both NOT A and Not B tag, you need to select all items (albums, …) and and create a new tag C for all selected.
Then reser all, apply the new C and invert it .
You can then create a bookmark for this

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What screen are you in, Tony? I have the Edit function present for tracks in the Album detail view, and in the Track browser itself…

Or are you talking about the Mobile interface (iOS and Android)? You need to use a Tablet or PC/Mac to have the Edit function displayed.

I think this would mean that I would need to update the C tag each time I add a new album?

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Just like on the desktop, I’d appreciate if you brought back the ability to adjust ‘Memory for photos/artwork’ regarding Image caching. I think my iPad Pro is more than capable of using the max setting of 2048 MB, the constant refreshing of album artwork on iOS devices that has been introduced with 1.8 leads me to believe this value isn’t the default one that is now being used.

I confirm. My rating stars that are stored using ROONTRACKTAG are no longer displayed while looking at album tracks.

Is that a bug ?

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