Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

I love it. It’s big, bold, and beautiful. Most pages romance the eye very well. I’m a new-ish Roon user (less than a year), but 1.8 just feels better to me. It seems easier to jump down a rabbit hole of music discovery now.

And thank you for Portrait View on the iPad. Perfect!

I see a lot of complaints about bugs in other threads, but I haven’t found much. Just this…

When reading artist bios on the iPad Pro 10.5 with iOS 14.4, the page jumps around a lot when trying to “scroll.” That may be an overloaded server issue, so patience…

It would be wonderful if Roon flipped the colors on the artist bio and album review pages in Now Playing. When there are full pages of text like that, the UI best practice is dark text on bright background, not the other way around as with 1.8. Reading reams of white text on a black background is brutal.


Faster? Really? How long does it take you guys to start the app? How long does a simple search for artist XYZ take? How long does it take until you see “Releases for you” and “Recent listening” etc. on the home screen? How long does a page refresh take (e.g. when switching between pages)?

It is zippier. Startup and moving around the app.The faster you move around, the more noticeable (I guesstimate…)


I wouldn’t say that is working 100% but this morning is much faster than yesterday night (normal for me). At the moment I can navigate normally like in 1.7:

  • Search Artist (Today <1s - Yesterday it wasn’t even finishing)
  • Overview / Discography ( Today <1s - Yesterday > 2m)
  • Home (Today <2s - Yesterday it was getting stuck all the time or showing incomplete sections)
    But from time to time it gets stuck (not very often) so it seems the performance issues are still being worked out.

TAGS. I have a ton of song level (specific live performances) tags of notable versions. All of these tags are no longer visible at the song level. I.e. I go to an album that contains a tagged song and the tag is applied to the entire album/show. I spent a ton of time getting this tagged / organized and now it’s not visible.


I solved my specific case by creating a super tag.

Tag A contains album set 1
Tag B contains album set 2
create Tag C
add Tag A to Tag C
add Tag B to Tag C

In the Tag view Tag C shows two items, Tag A and Tag B.

But when I select Tag C in the album focus view I will see the album set 1 AND album set 2

and because Tag C contains Tag A and Tag B it is automatically updated when the contents of Tag A and/or Tag B changes.

Solves my problem.


Seems to be slowly reimporting everything on one of my two USB drives (4TB) connected to ROCK. Audio is unplayable at the moment from that drive as a result (usual 'audio file is loading slowly network issue bla…bla error message). Will let it settle down for 24 hours before proceeding. Perhaps the database update erased the analysis files in the Roon DB?

I agree. Startup is way faster on my Windows PC. And so far, no “quotes” splash screen when starting up. Yay!

As I work with the new 1.8, I will report bugs and the things I likes as they occur to me… Here is a bug. I call up King Crimson to see which version I have in the system. I notice it’s the remaster 96/24 version… so I click on the three dot circle ICON to TAG it with my HI RES tag and click TAG, but the only drop down I get is my Playlists…and not my Tag list… IF i go top right and click the TAG icon… my TAG list is there…

I don’t need two options to do this within the same page and obviously, both options should at the very least give me the same result…

I still love the new interface though! good work.

This doesn’t look cool, does it?

This looks even uglier…


Where did the Play Queue go for Roon Radio and other playlists?

How do I hide Recent Listening and What youve been listening to - sections?

Of course you are entitled to your opinion, and to be disappointed. My point is that reading through some of these comments, you would expect this release to be a total car crash - which it is not.

All I will say, is that it is not uncommon to reject what isn’t familiar. Adapting to a new ui and aesthetic often takes time. It’s not even been out 24h so let’s give it some time for us all to soak it in.


Please give us the stars and rating where it used to be. Playing music is Nr. 1 job but finding new music is a very close Nr. 2 job for me using Roon.


It’s meant to be run in a small window to the side. Granted, if you have a dedicated computer or something where you want to run it full screen, it would be nice to have a specific view for that.


The good: it downloaded and booted no problem, which is the first time in a long time it did that (had backups at the ready). It’s snappy, and clean, and… well, unfortunately more than a bit off here and there.

  1. Wasted space. We don’t need personalization, a homily and our name in 48 pt type. Much rather have more album covers and tools. Roon doesn’t need to be homey and pretend nice - it needs to be functional and beautiful.

  2. Fonts. Oh boy… those album cover titles in serif, nice try but really doesn’t work. And the essay text should be in a more readable serif, a NYT type font. It’s ‘old fashioned’ for sure, but it works.

  3. Home. A train wreck of styles and functions imo. Everything is too big, the metadatics ugly and disturbing and not at all what I want to see right off the bat. Take me to some more music! And I have no idea what is going on with the new releases for you now. It always ends up back at 1) wasted space. More covers please!

  4. Navigation is still the same, if not more clicks. I hate having to constantly open ‘view more.’ Here’s an idea - how about adding more pages to the browser side menu. I would love a direct from there for recently played/added, and one for he new recommendations for you page, thereby bypassing the home page altogether.

  5. The initials in the missing pics artist bubbles are horrific and useless and confusing, and make it hard to read the already too small artist name in regards to their bubble pic. I don’t use artists page view often, but unfortunately they populate out to bios and recs etc. Just list the name with small pic in a square at the end of it. K.I.S.S.

  6. Bring back the stars! Perhaps they weren’t egalitarian enough, but they helped separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, esp when confronted with somebody’s huge discography. It would also be nice to be able to click on the artists name under the album title in the album view grid.

  7. Give me a book of Pantone colors, and I can pretty much guarantee I the last chosen colors would be purple and orange.

  8. The Roon Home screen on my Pixel 3 is an extra special disaster that seems to be entirely dedicated to data on my listening habits. Again, just give us albums! Lots of them, as many as can fit, right up front.

So, biggest takeaways: snappier, cleaner, but appears to be designed with little thought as to how the elements (screen space, fonts, colors, etc) fit into an overall picture of usability. Too much lipstick might make it seem different, but it doesn’t necessarily make it more beautiful.


This is the way to do it ! Very smart and efficient.
Thanks a lot.

@HWZ that’s an easy one. The & defines the line break :wink:

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  • Roon Remote 1.8 crashes on iPadOS when trying to change settings when the operating system language is not English.

Features missing for years:

  • Still no support for AirPlay 2 devices (e.g. stereo pair of Apple HomePods)
  • Automatic switching from light to dark theme depending on the settings of the operating system (macOS)

Better than in version 1.7:

  • Portrait mode of user interface on iPad mini

Worse than in version 1.7:

  • No role-based display of album credits. At least this should be selectable.
  • Missing horizontal scrolling of artists on wide-screen displays.
  • The new user interface looks fresh, but it’s too spacious and text is harder to read, at least on macOS. It would be better if Roon were more oriented towards the user interface of the operating system. Too many different application designs are bad for the ergonomics of the overall system.

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