Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

Whatever it’s meant ( I don’t pretend to know what the Roon team’s design intentions are), here are 2 simple facts:

  • It’s badly designed responsiveness and careless UX
  • Roon is expected to run on desktops and implicitly on different screen sizes and it’s actually a primarily a desktop software as long as it does not run independently on mobile.

Congrats on the new version. Runs fast and and I’m finding all the buttons I commonly use. My UI suggestions:

On OSX there’s a lot of space consumed at the top of the screen with the greeting, "Hi ", and the top line statistics on Artists, Albums, Tracks, Composers. Would like to see that be much smaller so more albums are visible above the fold on my Macbook Pro.

Would like to be able to reorder the home screen so that recently listened Live Radio section is above the block of statistics.

Cheers to the Roon Team!


Overall I absolutely love the new 1.8 update. Clearly a lot of time and effort has been put into it and its overall fantastic.
Thank you for the great work.

There are some issues that i’d like to feed back in the hopes they get resolved.

  1. Honestly this was really disappointing to see only half-resolved but PLEASE ADD ARTIST TOP TRACKS
    The thread for this has gone over a year with no response from roon, and new users showing up every few days pretty much all saying “really? Roon doesn’t have this basic feature?”.
    This is the biggest issue for me. Having to have spotify or tidal open next to roon in order to see artist top tracks is beyond clunky. Even UAPP gets this right.
    I appreciate the addition of the “popular” section but in many instances it differs drastically from the top tracks on tidal or other services.

  2. Colour schema
    I do love the new UI, but it would be nice to have the option of a more neutral grey/white/black colour set instead of purple. I do miss 1.7 for that.
    No hate against purple, but, would really be nice to have a fully neutral option.

  3. The waveform bar
    This has been mentioned hundreds of times by now but why…why why why shrink the waveform bar? Even on an ultrawide monitor it just feels so small now. The big spanning waveform bar was lovely and I miss it a lot.
    Pleeeeeaaaase give us a setting to change this back

  4. Tagging
    Again, mentioned hundreds of times by now but tagging might has well have been removed entirely after this update…
    Can’t see existing tags, the tag adding UI is confusing. Really needs addressing.

  5. Is track in playlist
    I can no longer see if a track is already in a playlist or not from the tracks or album view. Meaning I keep accidentally adding tracks to playlists multiple times and its quite frustrating. Not sure why this was removed…

  6. Weird sound issues on some devices
    This is something a few friends of mine have confirmed as well. On devices like the pi2aes running ropieeeXL, this update has made sound appear as if it was underwater. Though other devices are fine. It does appear related to this update though

  7. So annoying I have to put it in twice
    I understand that you guys have probably put work into making the “popular” tracks section work fed by roon data etc, but really, for this particular use, where we just need the most popular tracks as agreed by the largest set of people/voters possible, why not just use tidal data…you know…like literally every other app does.

  8. Ultrawide display
    On ultrawide or even most 16x9 monitors there is now a HUGE amount of wasted space. Quite why the waveform bar and other areas have been shrunk so much and do not scale I honestly don’t know.
    Things like the “Suggested for you” section being on the right of the album view was never in the way in 1.7…
    I’d much rather have that where it was previously rather than have to scroll down a ton just so I can have half the screen be blank either side of the album track list


I don’t have many thoughts right now, and, I could compose a list of grievances, but, a lot of my own issues are similar, and, others have done it far more eloquently.

I think my main concern here boils down to user choice. You have worked diligently to build a flexible and expansive platform, yet, you actually offer your users very little of this flexibility. I know you at Roon genuinely hate this debate, and it’s been raging here since day one, but, maybe it always comes up for a reason?

Were this software offered for free, I could see the justification for pushing a seemingly endless number of apparently arbitrary design choices on the user. Unfortunately, in the case of Roon, you have paying customers, which, in my view, places you in a different category altogether. There’s now a certain expectation of accountability to your userbase, at the very least in term of customization and access to those levers of flexibility.

And yet, seemingly, one of the sole choices the user is actually given, in fact, is whether or not to use Roon. You like it? Fine…You don’t? Use something else.

Is this truly what your brain trust feels is the best way of broadening your appeal? More clicking for less options?

Certainly, you’ll never please all. You’ll bleed yourself dry should you ever try, however, perhaps you would be well-advised to broaden the beta-testing group beyond your friends/family/most ardent Roon supporters. Cheerleaders in life are wonderful, they keep us getting out of bed in the morning, but, we can not always count on them to be the most objective observers, either.

Others may not agree with me, and, that’s OK. I’m not attacking the great folks of Roon…In fact, quite the contrary. We’re all here because we love music, first and foremost, and, no matter whether you were here on day one, or just started a trial this morning, we’ve all seen something special with Roon, and, we only want more to see the same.


Same here. During my workday, I use Roon on a desktop. Evenings, I’m in the recliner with one of the tablets, as far away from a computer as I can possibly get. For what we’re paying here, we shouldn’t be subjected to a half-baked approach where we get a “one size fits all” interface. And dumbing down the desktop to mobile standards isn’t the answer.

Thing is, in web design, the best sites are “responsive” in that they properly adapt to screen size; elements will move, resize, shift, etc., without the end user having to do anything. That could work for Roon as well, if it were browser-based (with the app or desktop versions essentially running in a browser “shell” and using CSS/LESS for layout).


Shuffle Limit Workaround: Added a “shuffle” tag to every album in my collection. Then shuffle that tag.

Credit: Alexander_Bashlaev



So annoying I have to put it in twice
I understand that you guys have probably put work into making the “popular” tracks section work fed by roon data etc, but really, for this particular use, where we just need the most popular tracks as agreed by the largest set of people/voters possible, why not just use tidal data…you know…like literally every other app does.


Yes, this, please! @brian


Ran most of today and last night on NUC ROCK. Mac Brook Pro, iPhone 8 and 6. No problems whatsoever. Really pleased with the new modern look.

Playing all 4 zones in the house via Roopie Rasp Pi’s and NAD M10.

All working well, subscription due next month and all for a meer £7.21 a month. Well done Roon.

I paid £2400 for the NAD and got in touch with them before Christmas about it randomly turning off once a day when Dirac was in use. They still haven’t got back to me with anything but palm off emails.

I pay £10 a month for a Cycling Video Streaming Service that updated their software and it just doesn’t work as well as the last one and have beed told to “be patient” by their tech guys as their update needs modifying to link up with my trainer.

Both the above happened a month ago so when ROON announced an update I was thinking “here we go” but all fine with the software I am paying less for. ;-).



Unfortunately i made the Update from 1.7 to 1.8.
I have a huge library on my QNAP TVS 673 with 64 GB RAM
and with the 1.8 Version it takes a much longer time to begin
With the playing of my CDs. Unacceptable is also the crashing of
My ipad pro. There are optical changes which are not better but
Often worser than 1.7.
I cannot use " Einstellungen".if i click on it the app crashes.
Is it possible to change to the old 1.7 which is much better?
The real Problems are not solved. The identification of some CDs is not possible. If i search for a unidentified CD and type the Artist
In the field, there are maximal 25 CDs which appear, but miles Davis has made over 100 CD. I want you to list all possible CD of an artist so that i can choose the right one and identify it for the Roon library
How can i get the old Version back?


Audirvana & Jriver couldn’t carry Roon’s jock strap!

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Couldn’t agree more!!!


Classical albums always have terrible cover artwork :wink:

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Focus - poorly designed / poorly implemented / strange screen behavior

when you activate the Focus option from the top of the menu, it should have been made as a drop down box that overlay on top of whatever you are currently browsing without the need to bring the listing all the way back to the very top of the list. Since there could be many pages of Albums in one’s Library. (WINDOWS version)

This problem is worse in Android version, if you scroll down many pages in your Library Album during browsing… and try to activate Focus, it doesn’t bring you back to the top, and you can’t see the Focus options box open, you have to manually scroll all the way back to the top to even see the Focus options.

in verison 1.7, there is no such problem, the focus windows just pops up in the bottom. you scroll side ways

it just make you wonder, how the beta testing phase was done… it feels very much like we are still on a beta version with many bugs haven’t been caught.


Apart from some slowness which I figure is down to server overload, one anomaly I’ve noticed is the strange string of characters before my Core’s IP address:

This only seems to be on iOS, my Mac shows it as expected!

Roon is written in a cross platform environment: Xamarin. My biggest hope was for them to go native. No such luck. Quite easy to implement responsiveness. Roon 1.7 and prior were much better in this regard - also in Xamarin.

This is a result of Apple’s transition to IPV6 support. They require us to support this style of address in order to get app store approval.

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less than a second for switching pages.

Qnap TVS-682 with roon core, yamaha rx-a3050 (thank god still works even if not roon ready approved thingy), 5.2 wired setup on polk rtia9 with yamaha subs, wireless through music cast to another 5 speakers in the house. having the Qnap ffmpeg issue as well, but got the workaround (hoping it will be sorted soon).

updated to 1.8 aaaaand … all works fine! no issues, all IOS devices working well. happy happy happy! thank you guys!

just getting mad about the discography … but that’s in another topic


Thanks for the clarification!

iPad Pro with iPadOS 14.4 crash all the time if I open settings.
If you open an Album the information about associated Tags and Playlists to a song is missing. Even if you open the Tags via the 3 dots on the right side you can’t see which tags already used for a song.
If you open on the iPad the list of songs you get cracy blue fields if you activate Interpret or Album Interpret. Often the App on the iPad crashed.
I have updated first all my ios devises before I have updated my Nucleus.