Roon 1.8 (Build 748/756/763/764) Feedback

I’ve not seen anyone mention this, so I figure I’m doing something wrong. When I display Genres, all top level genres are displayed. Used to be only when a genre had an album associated with it. Is there a way to only display the genres for which there is content?

I hope the Roon Team can bring back the following feature asap.

On Roon 1.7, when I viewed an album on any device, Roon displayed the tags and playlists associated with each song on the album. So, if I tagged Track # 7 as a 4-star song and added it to a playlist, these tags were visible to me when viewing the album. This applied to all songs. So, if I tagged Track #10 as a 5-star song, the when viewing the album, I could instantly see that Track #7 and Track #10 are IMO stand-out songs.

Roon 1.8 does not display tags or playlist adds in album view. I tested using the Android phone app (Samsung Note20 Ultra) and Android tablet app (Samsung tablet)

For me, this is must have information. In addition, this information provides the exact experience Roon is prioritizing with 1.8 - making it easy for each viewer to see the music that is most important to himself or herself.

Two big problems with not displaying tags and playlist adds in Album View.

  1. when listening to a song, I have no idea if I already tagged it. Even if I click add Tag for a song that I’ve already tagged, I still do not see that I already tagged the song. This causes many problems.
  2. when looking at an album, it’s impossible to tell what songs I like the most. One of the main reasons tags have value to me is so that when I look at an album for the first time in weeks, months or years, I immediately see what songs stood out as being particularly special.

Overall, I love the direction of 1.8 - make it easier for me to find the music that matters the most to me - both music I’ve already listened to on Roon and music I have never before explored. I listened to music last night far longer than I planned because I got drawn into both the music itself and the stories behind the music. It was energizing and FUN.

My favorite features:

  • easy to view what I’ve listened to recently and over time.
  • enhanced credits - useful and fun
  • enhanced suggestions
  • portrait view on my tablet
  • easier to read

While I hope Roon does better beta testing in advance of future major rollouts, I’m impressed with Roon’s vision and happy about the direction. Thanks for all your efforts!



Oh very convenient! like using focus in multi discs boxed sets! Yes, let’s add more clicks when you might not even make one! And let’s users not to choose if you want them! Total nonsense like having twice your albums in two different tabs In my library and discography with album in your library mixed with tidal’s ones…

Hi, new 1.8 is working on android app without problem. But on pc windows 10 with problems, choose item adjustments, profile or compostion stops roon immediatly. So i have to wait foe next update?

Hi Peter

This drove me mad this morning - **nothing ** I did would allow any Live Radio to work on my iPhone X… until I looked at Roon on my iMac (it is actually installed on my Grimm MU1 Streamer) and I got it to work there - no idea how really, I just clicked on Live Radio as normal - but now the iPhone works ok with Live radio?
Haven’t tried it on my iPad Pro yet; kindof hoping all is well there as well.
Hope that helps

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Someone has an issue then suddenly during playback app stopped playing and lost PC audio output and is not visible any more in settings?

Need an option for smaller covers. On a 15" laptop screen, I can only see 10 covers at a time which for a large collection is not enough. Scroll, scroll, scroll.


Well this is exactly what @Flere has explained.

Select your first Jazz tag and add a new tag to it, e.g. CompleteJazz
Repeat this for the 4 remaining Jazz tags that you have.

Now, if you focus on CompleteJazz you will see all your albums maling part of your 5 Jazz categories.
Create a bookmark for this, and you don’t need even to focus anymore.

You only created 1 new tag, and it is not applied on Album level.

Hope this helps




1.7 was so intuitive. I can tell, because I just installed Roon last Friday. It was a great experience in almost every way.

Now I am so disappointed :frowning:


Sorry, but this is terrible. Mostly cosmetic and that on an amateur level - but perhaps I‘ll get used to it in time. BUT: The crashes make 1.8 useless on iOS; must go back to 1.7. Now I‘m sorry to have bought a Nucleus last year - I really thought that Roonlabs preferred quality and stability to „Time to Market“.


Note: Screen resolution adjustment was necessary for Roon 1.8.

I use a large Sony TV (display) with a Windows 10 PC. In the past, Roon has looked best when the Sony display was scaled at 150%. That resolution was perfect for all the applications on my PC, too.

With version 1.8, that scale is too large to display all the Roon home page, though you would not know what it missing because the UI is so terribly different. You still see Roon, but not the command bar on the left side, and everything is larger. Half the home screen is the summary at the top.

With an adjustment to scale of 100%, the entire home page is visible. Wow, I did not know what was missing before.

However, that adjustment makes the display unsuitable for computer use. Each time, the display scale must be changed when moving back and forth between computer use and Roon display. Not good.

That said, now that I see all that is supposed to be visible on the Home screen in version 1.8, my reaction is less negative. However,

  1. the Artist display icons (round circles) are just not good compared to the last version.

  2. I wish there was a way to turn off the listening metrics. I don’t care about them.

  3. My comments on the use of screen real estate remain the same.

  4. Is there a way to turn off the display of the command bar on the left side of the screen? I don’t need to see that all the time.

  5. The stuff at the top of the home page needs to be reduced in size. It’s taking up a full 1/3 of the display. Not necessary.

  6. Please fix the unstable iOS application for 1.8.

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Regarding #4:

Yes, you can turn off the command bar on the left via Settings - General - “Always show the sidebar”.

One day of 1.8 feedback nearly 1000

More than a year of 1.7 feedback less than 600


Forwarding the bugs I’ve noticed from another thread-

  1. “Play Now” for albums (haven’t tested artist) simply doesn’t work. Clicking on the first track (or any other track in the album) resolves this and starts playback.
  2. Clicking play on a paused track doesn’t work, but the spacebar shortcut for the same function does work.
  3. Memory usage has almost doubled for me from ~20GB to ~35GB.
    (new) 4. Roon Radio doesn’t work at all when continuing from album playback.

Additional feedback-

  1. The black text on white logo is almost impossible to read on a desktop when on my Windows toolbar. Give me back the old logo!
  2. Huge amounts of space wasted. My vertically oriented 4K display is a joke with Roon (where I normally put it). Easily 1/4 of horizontal space is unused.

+1 to that!


Just start typing, you’ll jump there.

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That surprised me as well. But a lot of problems occured. And it is not only layout issues but technical items too. And i feel this release 1.8 should have been prepared better.

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I like it. Works well, the only things I am not keen on there is the Font and I can’t see a ‘Dark Mode’ (If I’m missing that and it’s there, please feel free to guide me to it) I would also like the option back of seeing more album thumbnails on the main page.

You are the MAN! Thanks. That’s actually very intuitive; why didn’t I think to do that? :slightly_smiling_face:

Very well stated. No emotion just FACTS. And they are damning ones at that. Why did they do this???