Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

Irrelevant? Honestly? In my musical world are Composers Producers and they are a lot, but definitely not irrelevant. :frowning:

I’m digging for music just because J Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, etc. was a Producer. The great thing about Roon was the easy way to find connections between artists/bands in your local music and suggestions what to buy next.

As I say - it’s hard-wired to display Classical Composers, not composers of other genres.

From the link on the Home page, you will only see Classical Composers:

However, once you set the Composers Browser to display ALL Composers, this setting is “sticky” and every time you return to the Composers Browser, you will see ALL composers…


What’s your point Geoff? It work’s like intended? Would it hurt if there would be a setting “Show all composers/only classical composers” which even includes the Home Screen?

Yes. I just realized this. I have tons of underground punk and metal albums that aren’t “identified”. they no longer show up under the artist.


I have found a bug in 778 that is crashing my iPhone, MacBook and iPad, all used as remotes. When I click on my tags , for instance I have 37 albums tagged as MQA 352 classical, the albums all appear and look great . I can scroll down through the albums, but as soon as I start to scroll back up, Roon freezes. Every time. The core is running on a Windows 10 laptop dedicated to Roon. The MacBook sends crash reports. The IOS apps just reboot or I have to close them as they are frozen. Music continues to play. The core seems unaffected. I don’t know if this has been reported already or if this is the right place to report it.


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See also my post here:

Thanks, I posted in your thread. Misery loves company… :wink:


Why has the scrollbutton been removed from the history on the iPad interface? It takes forever to get back in time in the history now. If anything the scrollbutton should have been made more responsive to changes, so that you can control the scroll speed.

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If I select an artist in 778, how can I see the albums of that artist?

It just seems to show a few tracks and similar artists and stuff, and the bio, but not the albums I have of that artist. Is this intentional?

Select Discography under artist pic

If I’m understanding you correctly, you just click/tap the discography link.

Well said. I agree.

There’s currently an issue where not all albums of an artist are shown:

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since the new update my rock server (nuc) always loses the connection if i don’t play anything for 20 minutes. I then have to turn it off at the switch and start again from scratch.
does anyone else have the problem?

I tried to replicate this on my iPhoneX as remote and RoonRock core on IntelNuc but I it works alright for me. I have a tag with 42 albums. No problem here.

I use a rock server on a NUC (Intel NUC Frost Canyon Tall I7-10710U) but I have not noticed this problem.

Where have all the Focus selections gone?? Is this a glitch or have I done something?

This looks like an issue I am having as well. I have described it here. So far no response from @support

Ah so it’s a glitch then. I’ve just got the spinning Roon symbol where the Focus selections should be. That’s on my iPad. iPhone seems ok for now.

Under artist in my library not all albums show up.