Roon 1.8 (build 778) Feedback

No you are not the only one! this one should not fall through the cracks but be followed up for the next update.


I would only really check iPad functionality once the App update shows up in the store. It hasnt over here (Germany) yet.

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Huge dot release!

Thank you

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Thanks for bringing icons back to the composition page. But there is still a ridiculous line break at one third of the available screen-property. This must have probably been missed out to fix…

I’ll comment on this on the existing Bug report.

Great update! I’m happy! Thanks for listening to the users!

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What is really shocking is that the Bug with Roon always jumping back to the first page of albums/artists/composer when you are on a filter or bookmark ist still not fixed !!

this really should have deserved some priority @mike / @brian ?

Addendum: To be more precise: It does seem to work on filter applied “on-the-fly” but not on filters stored as a bookmark


I’m not sure hwy this can’t be top right either…


Where is the “Match All” / “Match Any” for personal tags? I was beyond happy when it changed to “Match All” when 1.8 rolled out, now it’s reverted back to the way it was? I do realize that moving to “AND” busted things for people when 1.8 launched, and I can empathize with how much that sucked…since it’s how I feel now…Also, I’m fairly certain that I read a developer response saying we’d have both options available in the near future…So, some kind of response as to status of that feature being implemented would be much appreciated. Perhaps I’m alone in feeling like having both sorting options would be ideal. Maybe someone else could chime to let me know I’m not alone in feeling this way…

Actually I’d prefer the info in the middle as it was in 1.7 as far as I can remember (just started using Roon a week before 1.8 hit the fan).

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Do these changes (eg focus) make it any easier to see what, from the artist discography, isn’t in the library?

I’m unsubbed at the moment because 1.8 just broke too many things from the way I liked to use Roon in 1.7


Yes, I’ve tried it. Moreover, if you create a new bookmark with the same group of filters, there is no such issue for the last created bookmark. But if you add another one, it doesn’t work for the previous one.


Thats an interesting observation.

I couldnt get it to work with newly created bookmarks either. So something is still not right here…

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It looks like the Match Any/All option is not available for tags? If I select multiple tags it seems to OR them together.

Lyricists and Librettists are still showing up as composers in Roon… :exploding_head: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :japanese_ogre: :poop: :poop: :poop:

Popular tracks in artist view still not removable, movable or collapsible.
Like a lot of users (I’m sure), I’m an album guy. On top of that, I don’t care what’s popular.


I am also still having problems with scrolling position - it is very inconsistent, after viewing an album, sometimes it returns to the position you were at, and sometimes it returns to the top of the list. I can’t seem to figure out what make it scroll back to the top, it is some combination of sorting and filtering… its a very annoying bug.


Looks like it. Boy, if Roon were a restaurant, it would be a great SNL skit:

“My hamburger is undercooked, can you please cook it some more”

[cooked hamburger reappears]

“But then where did my fries go?”

[fries reappear]

“But where are the toppings from the burger?”

[toppings reappear]

“But now the burger is gone?”

[burger reappears]

“But now everything is cold!”

I just think it’s a little bizarre how Roon will add, remove, and modify functions just as though it’s a new piece of software and no one is relying on how it worked yesterday. I’m happy for those that got what they wanted out of this release, but it’s just a little weird for Tag focus logic to be switched from “OR” to “AND” but only for albums and without announcement, then when Roon decides to make both available, it does so not with Tags but with genres and other identifiers, with Tags switched back only to “OR.”

OR what am I missing


Same here, I had hoped the option to collapse (or better yet, completely remove) popular tracks would return. Same for concert info.
Hopefully next time…

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Hi Jason_Henry

In Focus, select the topic you want to focus, in this example I choose Genres.
Click on the small ‘down’ arrow ar the right of Genres.

There you can select the Mode: Match All or Match Any