Roon 1.8 (Build 795) Feedback

Below are two issues that I deem to be severe and that are still awaiting to be addressed.

  1. Progress bar overlapping App Switcher bar on iPad Pro 11


The Roon progress bar overlaps with the App Switcher bar on iPad Pro 11". What happens is that I keep accidentally switching to the previous or the next app. This issue started somewhere prior to Roon 1.8 (when Apple introduced the app switcher bar and chose not to make it defeatable) and surprisingly the issue was made worse with the introduction of 1.8. It is still present in the latest build.

  1. Playlists and My Tracks content scrolling loses finger sync when stopping or changing direction.

Swiping/scrolling the playlist overview or the content of a playlist is choppy and erratic. It does not retain sync with the finger touch input on iPad Pro 11. It keeps slipping from under my finger when changing scrolling direction or when trying to stop the list from scrolling.

This only happens when swiping through the added tracks inside a playlist, not in the playlist overview (1 level up) or in the My Albums or My Artists overview. It does, however, also happen within the My Tracks overview. This issue started with Roon 1.8, it is still present in the latest build, and it happens on the ipad Pro 11 as well as on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

I’m getting immediate skipping with this new release 795

Apple Mac mini M1 via Hqplayer

feedback… as already written in another thread, but I repeat here that maybe Roon team do not answer there because is not the super-right place, the backup functionality is still terrible as in the previous versions

it doesn’t see previous backup, I mean from release 790
it refuse to create a new folder

… but the USB key is there and is fully functioning, win7 see it and navigate it… folder is there

I tried, in the past, already the game “is the key that is not good, try another one”, boring game, and at the and I had to use 3 different keys to be sur to have at least one backup valid

… if the problem is the USB key quality, but I’m not using Chinese ugly super-cheap one, why to not have precise suggestions like for memory or he’d inside Rock/NUC?

By ‘key’ do you mean thumb drive? I wish Roon would post a sticky everywhere that thumb drives are no good to use for backup, at least until they fix that (if they are able to). And no, it doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap Chinese one or expensive OEM Sandisk - I’ve had both kinds corrupt on me. Best to avoid and just get an inexpensive USB SSD drive to hook up via cable.

It is great scroll position is stored in Discography. But why not fix this for all spots where this is happening? Bookmarks and the Home Screen.

Artwork size is now different on the artists page and on my tags page. It is as if the “allow for more covers and photos” stopped working on the my tags page.

Pretty sure it was always like that. Albums do that too. I think the Tags page is designed differently than the other pages.

I am also not sure. But I only noticed yesterday, after this last update

Yes! Build 805 finally fixed the first issue. Alas, the second issue still persists.