Roon 1.8 (Build 806) Feedback

Updated smoothly before bedtime yesterday. No issues and even the iPad app was available immediately from appstore.

Love the fixed scrolling positions when going back, thank U!

Daily mixes was nice, but why does Roon insist on grabbing the music from Qobuz when these albums are available (and identified) in my local library, sometimes in even higher resolutions?
I want to play MY music first and foremost and this is one of Roons promises fading away slowly. (The promise of integrating my local music library with online services)

Same goes for Roon Radio before the update, but there i can restrict choices to my library.

Hoping for:

  • Better sharing possibilities for playlists, music, artists between Roonies. (Make the sharing thumbnail clickable to anyone with Roon?)
  • A more useful wayof looking at Roon profiles with read only options etc.
  • A slightly less contrasty dark profile as reading bios is harsh on the eyes.
  • A way of replacing online songs in playlists with local equivalents based on availability of this particular song and version. Perhaps this is needed for the first item on the wish list.
  • A more useful ripping option for ROCK. (Naming and metadata)
  • Export function that actually works, even on Mac’s.
  • Diagnostics tool for making sure networking and performance is okay for running Roon. (Would ease supports burden of investigating and also non computer literate users by reporting correct settings)
  • And please fix the visual experience of scrolling through the library on iPad OS, it’s not worthy of a several hundred $ software when free software does a way better job of a similar collection.
    etc. etc.

Roon Bridge is still 1.7 (571)
I’m using Ropieee XL

See here

Roon Bridge 806 doesn’t show up on VitOS RPI.

“We’ve worked closely with our friends at TIDAL to design a completely new TIDAL experience in Roon.”

I hope you have friends at Qobuz, too! :slight_smile:


A post was split to a new topic: After the upgrade to 1.8, all my clients do crash at startup

Update installed.
Scroll position fixed.
iOS still crashing (iPhone and iPad).
Therefore scroll position resets as before with every crash.


Somebody sees this working:

  • Support for back / forward gesture on iOS

??? I cant see this on my iPad Pro 2020. (Of course i have updated to b806, on Core and iPad OS App)

Streaming is the modern world, that’s the future I’m afraid. I have a mix of my personal library, which I will continue to build but supported by Tidal giving me the very best of both world. The streaming and new services are so helpful in exploring new music that serves to augment my personal library over time.
I would suggest you jump in as the water is lovely, this will bring the new features to your personal library also…

Only working on my iPhone, nothing on the iPad,

I agree with this, Roon should be able to just play the song on local library instead of picking songs from streaming services!

Also please Magic Keyboard support is essential at this point.


… Daily Mixes?

just sayin’. not that, given what I listen to 98% of my time, I really care :stuck_out_tongue:

No streaming services enabled? Only works with online content…

@kevin I’ve wrote the support ticket. If anyone else wants to see the behavior I described here then have a look: I was unable to reproduce the genre issue this morning.

That is weird, you have to think it’s a bug somewhere rather than just poor selection logic.

So far on my Daily Mixes the playlists are all a pretty sensible/logical blend of different tracks and artists based on the seed used for the mix. I’m liking it so far anyway.

I’ll be keeping an eye on it for this kind of repetition for sure. Hopefully the feature will continue to evolve and improve as we all use Roon. And since its (presumably) a backend function the team can tweak it without having to release multiple new versions of the software.

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Nice update! For me, Roon is just about perfect. It only had two issues. Today, I am very happy to see that one of these issues was fixed with Build 806.


“Fixed iPad layout to ensure seeking doesn’t interact with iOS home bar”.


805 update finally fixed app switcher bar overlap IMG-1114_689pix

This concerns the Roon progress bar overlapping with the iPad Pro 11’s App Switcher bar and this is now fixed by having more space at the bottom of the Roon app. This was a major grievance for me, so, it’s great that it is fixed!


Playlists and My Tracks content scrolling does not track finger movement accurately and loses sync when stopping or changing direction. This issue started with Roon 1.8, is still present in the latest build, and it happens on the ipad Pro 11 as well as on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

More info: swiping/scrolling the playlist overview or the content of a playlist is choppy and erratic. It does not retain sync with the finger touch input. It keeps slipping from under my finger when changing scrolling direction or when trying to stop the list from scrolling. This only happens when swiping through the added tracks inside a playlist, not in the playlist overview (1 level up) or in the My Albums or My Artists overview.


Search is still not working well.

If I search for “Beethoven Brendel” only 3 our of the 10 first albums involve both Beethoven and Brendel.

Qobuz offers matches for both, as I would expect.


I am happy with the update.
My biggest annoyance, the snap back error in bookmarks, got repaired. It has been with Roon since 1.8 has seen the light of the day. It took 6 months to get rid of that bug.
Well, Roon is usable again.

@Lorenzo_Mutti Sad for you. I don’t have any problem like you have with iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro (latest software version)
What is your gear?