Roon 1.8 (Build 831) Feedback

Create a topic in #roon:feature-suggestions, explaining what this integration would do and if it’s not obvious, why it needs to be IN Roon.


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I update both my iPhone and iPad remote apps and now have no version tab nor do see another way to select what version I want to play or add to my library. I’m assuming I’m missing something obvious.


Roon Remote with lock screen controls cannot coexist with KDE Connect with multimedia control enabled, only the last one installed of the two will function as usual, the former will keep crashing. Disabling lock screen controls alleviates the issue.

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Did you update the core app to?

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The volume on iPad and iPhone were also bad with AirPlay but moves 6 units at once. Spotify Connect is only one that works correctly with app closed. At least 3 units won’t blast you and having comfort level set helps.

I’m going to assume it’s an IOS issue vs the Atom/Atom HE since they have same firmware.

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:pray: :pray:

However, despite updating the iOS app it seems as though scrubbing is still disabled on the lock screen - am I missing something?

I do love this software btw :slight_smile:



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Just last night I was lying in bed listening to music thinking it would be nice if the volume control on my tablet could change the volume in roon and then today it happened! Amazing!

Tonight I’m going to hope roon doesn’t skip to the next track when there’s a slow down. Maybe that will be fixed tomorrow!

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Simon, I did realize that I needed to update the core too which I did. All set now. Thank you!


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Exactly. I found this bug in less then 5 minutes. Maybe a better beta test program would’ve caught this. If it’s not fixed asap I’ll be canceling my subscription and use something else. Not at all happy.

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My mac and nucleus updated but I’m not seeing these changes? Versions are still the same? And my IOS app has not updated. Weird. Why? Edit: even weirder as I just got the IOS update!

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Thanks for the constant updates guys. Appreciated!

One annoying navigation trait still lingers that I think would be an easy fix and sure would be appreciated


Looks like you have somme spiritual power :heart_eyes: can you also think of scrolling support to iPad magic keyboard… I think we are few that will be happy of that feature :smiley:

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A very good release. Thank you, Roon team!