Roon 1.8 (Build 831) Feedback

I like how when I scroll through my album (arranged by date added) as I scroll now, it show years in a small purple bubble! Way cool…Time goes by so fast this gives you another look at that and how your music changes with time.


I fully agree with Cudifying’s suggestion, and was just going to ask the same thing until I saw his post.

For someone like me with 10+ zones, the biggest benefit from lock screen control would be to manage playback, not volume, particularly given the risk of accidentally hitting the physical volume buttons on my phone.

A quick assessment of the risk/benefit tradeoff for me has resulted in a decision not to enable lock screen controls. No doubt many others will feel the same way, which is a shame given what a huge improvement this could mean for playback control for many users.

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Anyone else finding the share function a little hit and miss connecting? Having to keep trying a number of times to get it to work.

I tried to do a search on this thread, but it’s massive and progressive loading of posts messes up browser search.

Anyways, my volume problem seems kinda different. I have volume control disabled on my Node 2i endpoint, as I prefer hardware volume controls. This makes the Roon remote set my volume control to zero and it leaves it there after I stop Roon playback or close the app which is very annoying.

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Congratulations Roon, another very successful release. I’m loving the iPad OS Lock Screen control!


There’s an issue affecting iOS volume that’s independent of the Lock Screen controller.

If you adjust the volume of Bluesound Node using the iOS Roon app, your iOS volume setting is set to that of the Bluesound Node.

This is crazy. The system volume of the iOS device should never be affected by adjusting the volume of an external device.

Hoping for a quick update to Roon to fix this.

This is a high severity issue that should be corrected immediately.

I see that others are experiencing volume issues on third iPhone regardless of their Bluesound node volume config. I am running iOS 15, which could be part of the problem. But I’m concerned Roon didn’t do thorough enough testing to handle the use cases involving Bluedound Node volume adjustment.

All of the warnings about the “beta” volume lock feature involved a high-level volume being accidentally set on your endpoint. Even without the Roon lock-screen volume feature, I’m experiencing high-level volume on my iPhone (after exiting the Roon iOS app).

Still having issues with the iOS app crashing randomly on both iPad and iPhone…both on iOS15. Otherwise love the lock controls esp on the apple watch!

I sometimes did have similar problems, restart/reboot your iOS devices can probably help!
Not sure what is the root cause/

Does anyone notice the increase in sound quality? To me Roon sounds a little warmer, more air and space around instruments. It just sounds different.


It does not, exactly the same as before. We have people thinking they hear a difference after every release. Absolutely nothing is done regarding playback, besides it is already bit perfect.


Hi all,
Great update! I have been waiting for this feature. This is great great great!!

It is working fine with my android and apple device BUT I have an issue with a ropieee device. In fact, I use a raspberry pi + lcd screen just to display what I m listening. The raspeberry is connected over wifi and is never used for anything else than just displaying (no volume control, no changing track, nothing…). Since the upgrade, first I noticed it doesnot go to sleep (idle mode), and then I noticed that this device raises the volume of my listening room to max power!! It is like a ghost was clicking on it and only on the “plus” button! Very wierd.
Anyone experiencing same issue? Is there anything I can do?


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The madness goes far beyond the million…

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I got 142549 tracks myself, but you must be listening to everything in existence :slight_smile: Personally I’m listening to almost all genres.

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Yes here lies the main problem of Roon, they manage more music than a normal person can listen to in a lifetime.

…and Roon has a friendly community that discovers and recommends so much additional every day…


…find due to the poor search engine. Search is the main Roon problem. No point owning or managing music if you can’t find it to listen to.


I very rarely use search despite this size and when I do I make it easier for the AI engine. Fewer search terms leads better in target. Surely the development will look like a step backwards to many customers, but there are still many ideas behind it, which could make happier in the future.

A fresh Qobuz or Tidal result is simply hearted, synced and immediately at the top of the overview page. With the size I can also jump in everywhere directly with scrolling randomly and use the many links. I find the classic search old-fashioned.

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