Roon 1.8 Build 880 and 882: incorrect representation in portrait orientation [Ticket in]

iPad Mini 6 (iOS 15.2): The presentation on portrait orientation is incorrect. There are no skip buttons and also the music-genre is missing.

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Try deleting the app on your iPad and reinstall. This is my iPad Mini 4. Also, your image is from two days ago, I think. Have you updated Roon to build 882 on your core?

I‘ve try this and it doesn‘t work. Some mistake as bevor.

I think it is a problem of the display resolution auf the new iPad Mini 6. It‘s different to the older iPad Minis.

I think you’re probably right.

Fyi, I have the same issue on iPad mini 6. It is related to the different aspect ratio compared to all other iPads. In portrait mode iPad mini 6 is treated as iPhone (missing album edit, etc.).
Roon support has already opened a new internal ticket based on my report during beta testing.
So in some hopefully not far update, this should be fixed.

Thank you for your information. Nice to hear.

Roon Team. Can I hope that you fix this problem with the next release?

Hey @Matthias_Seither,

Thanks for bringing up this issue as soon as you’ve discovered it on your end. Just as @StefanK has mentioned, our dev team has a ticket on this bug. They’re working on it and we can’t wait to release a fix :nerd_face:

Please, stay tuned.


@beka, New release is here 898, but the fix is not in it. Do you have any view, when we can expect this fix?

Release 903 and the resolution issue is still present. Roon Team, please be so kind to resolve this problem with the next Release.

Release 913: Problem solved. Thank you Roon.

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