Roon 1.8(build 882) issues

Roon core on Pc running windows 10 64bit
AMD FX8350 16gb RAM
Core installed on 512gb SSD

On Saturday 18/12 after updating to build 882 I had the issue with corrupt database. Tried numerous times to restore a database with no luck even going back to the end of November so had to start again!

My pc is connected to my AV system by HDMI. After the latest update when I turn my AV system off Roon closes down. The main reason I pay for Roon is to be able to use an endpoint in my kitchen but have been unable to do so since Saturday. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Any help really appreciated

Thanks in advance

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Hey @Mark_King

We’re sorry to hear you had difficulties with 882. We hope that you problems were solved with build 884. Can you update us on your current status please? We’ll be watching for you reply!

Due to the issue with 882 I moved to a ROCK system which has obviously solved the problem
Thanks for the reply though

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