Roon 1.8 (build 884)... backup functionality still fail

Still crash when I try to do a backup [Sigh] (…need to restart the Roon core to be able using Roon again). I’ve hopped I’ll not see this splash screen error in the 884…no luck…will wait for the 885 then.

Sadly the chances are that if you have had these problems with build’s 880, 882 and now 884, that you will have them untill a) you either find a backup to restore, or b) restart your database from scratch and wipe out the current corrupt database.

But we can always hold on to hope

5000 albums, all from tidal, carefully tagged since 2016? I paid for a life time membership, all my backup are marked “stable”, always did my homework to be sure I had backup and I test them regularly…so it’s not acceptable for me to restart from scratch because there’s an update that now lift a corruption that Roon never detect in the “stable” backup that I took. I’m pretty sure Roon will come with a tool to repair corrupted database (by removing corrupted albums or whatever) and let that database to be backed up again and be on track again.

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I truly hope you are correct, but I’m not seeing this as likely without a significant change of mind by Roon.
It feels like they think that this is not possible to do, but it might depend on the level of corruption.

I feel for everyone that has this issue, especially for those that have all the backup’s in place

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Sorry to hear magagne, that is harsh. Hope for you Roon comes with something to at least help you or even better solve your db problem and save you tonnes of time and frustration. All the best.

Hi, In the same boat - right away with B880 it halted. Tried restoring every available backup - no luck all halted straight after the update applied its database changes.
Tried the image on my backup NUC, which was over a year old and the same.
My database operating perfectly in B831 dated back to the 1.0 Build 30, so had 6-years of history and potential for this corruption to be present and populate the backups, regardless of how good or no your backup strategy was.

So since the 21st December have been rebuilding a new database, and having to reorganise, re-identify, re-tag and recreate my Playlist. Presently taken about 4-days, but will probably take many more days of my time. A painfull process.

I would not hold any breath for them to fix this. Even though I have not been affected I am not happy with how they have handled this whole release and the affects it’s had on their customer base. It’s not good customer relations at all and makes me think hard about the direction they are going in.


I’m not, nor expecting any recovery tools for my Playlists etc.
However, the new database on the B88x base is giving me issues re. Album identification and this dynamic image retrieval is not ideal (the music can searched on, selected and playing before the images for both the artist & album artwork have been shown.
Asset UPnP running on a RPi2 is better than this

Seems to be some issues with artwork since this release. I have random artwork missing which it never had before.

Just artwork missing would be a luxury! I have ‘lost’ about 3000 tracks, with many artists and albums no longer showing in the respective views since a few days after b882. All albums are searchable and playable though. I feel a reboot coming on followed by a support post if the situation doesn’t fix itself.

Oh dear that’s not good. Those all local files?

Yep, as far as I can tell. But to be honest I have better things to do at the moment than mess about with Roon!

EDIT: Updating to 884 fixed the missing tracks/artists/albums issue. Confirmed as a bug by Brian in another thread raised by a user with the same problem.

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Based on something I read in a different thread, it might be worth turning on the prefer local images option as all artwork is pulled down from the internet in this latest release.
It’s only artwork but it’s part of what makes Roon so nice to use.

Doesn’t explain why they are missing now when it wasn’t previously. If I check out the steaming version it’s there.

That was one of the complaints in the thread.
Image’s are no longer part of the database.
One of the Roon guys chipped in.

The thread was titled something like database is smaller after latest release

Me too are having crashes when trying to do a backup now, was working perfectly fine in earlier versions.
Are you guys saying that Roon is NOT expected to fix this and all my history, playlists organization and tagging is lost due to me having to reinstall and create a NEW database ???

I would wait, Holliday time, resources are limited at Roon, etc.give them a break, recharge their batteries, but after that, my expectation will be to find a solution, if the only answer I gonna receive is we cannot do nothing, well, I’ll NOT rebuild my lib under Roon again, trust is not there anymore, I’ll find another solution elsewhere, even if I lose flexibility/convenience. Solidity from a software is the backbone of a true convenience…re-tagging 5000 albums is certainly NOT convenience anymore.

@Terje_Haaskjold hint, meantime, stop all automatic/night backup, anyway they do not work and force you to restart RoonCore each time, this is what I did meantime they found a solution. And I stop adding stuff in my current lib. I drive with the safety wheel.

I thought I had a looooooooot of patience but restarting from scratch/tagging, etc. That is asking me too much…I did this in the pass multiple time, with asset UPnP, etc. Each composition for classical music, etc. Now that I’m on 100% with streaming method, I’m not going to that that again each time a software has a hiccups…I’m too tired of this, too old, prefer to put my energy elsewhere :pensive:


Roon is a beautiful software, but it is unreliable. In particular, you should NEVER edit metadata on roon.

As many other customers, I am seriously considering dropping roon for good. Its main competitor is making considerable progress, which now offers a credible alternative.

I’ll give roon another chance to redress its mistakes, but it’s gonna be the very last.

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What would that software be?