Roon 1.8 (build 970) Windows 64-bit failing during Snapshotting of databases for backup due to Roon Core communication?


Am i hitting some sort of limit(s) with Roon for backup?


I’m not sure what all exactly happened with recent Roon updates but my stable backup has now turned into, unable to backup at all.

Below are screenshots of the problem:

I’ve “never” had this problem (until now) where snapshotting fails,

Select the same Roon Core, and that seem to cause snapshotting to continue, only to fail again,

And after few minutes, Roon UI shows up again,

A bit more info would help.

If the Core is on the PC you are showing this seems odd. What should happen is that Roon will show the snapshot screen as above and you will see nothing for a while depending on the library size. It also takes over the PC for that time. I even have trouble browsing the internet.

My Windows 10 PC took around 10 minutes to snapshot a 150k track library. The PC looks stuck but its actually working …

Maybe detail you set up and others can contribute. It also pays to set up a scheduled time to Backup say the middle of the night if you leave your core on 24/7 so that the disruption you are seeing is not disturbing you.

A wild guess it looks like a network connectivity issue , are you WiFi or Ethernet ? hence the system detail

Christ, sorry about that. I left out the crucial information, the setup.

The Roon Core is on a server class machine.

And Roon client is on a PC.

Yes, when my snapshotting is working and backup starts, the snapshotting would take ~10’s if minutes. And never like this i’m seeing where client fails to stay connected during snapshotting.

What’s your network ?

Any my home networking, NAS setup, all that have not changed.

What has changed is my collections have additional albums, tracks.

My understanding is that from Roon client, i can start the backup, see that snapshotting databases have started, i can simply close Roon client. And say ~20 minutes later re-open the Roon client, and i should see the backup in progress.

In other words, all the heavy lifting of backup is done at the Roon Core, isn’t it?

Wired, 1 GbE. No wireless for any of the Roon paths.

Tried again, and this time backup has started, at least it has moved to the Preparing,

Yep the Core doe all the work , the Remote simply triggers it . Your screenshots look like at some time during the backup the Remote lost contact with the Core hence the “select your core” screen. Hence the network blip guess …

Once triggered the backup requires no input from you or the Remote so it ill almost certainly have completed perfectly.

Is this a Once Off issue or every time you BU .

If you se up a schedule on the Core , it will happen with no intervention from the Remote . If active the Remote app will report it snapshotting but have nothing to do with it.

I use a NUC/ROCK as a server and that’s what I see , at least

In Settings> Backup do you see any indication of success

I see Settings>Backup>Scheduled Backups> View


PS that’s actually a BIG library and hence will take time. There are however other users reporting bigger libraries

Yep, Roon’s database is comprised of thousands of small files. If you have a USB drive, try plugging that it and run a manual backup to it, and see if it works better.


Yep, looks like the Core did get the backups done that were initiated manually from Remote.

The individual backups seem to be all there.

I’ll need to monitor this particular Remote with the Core.

my automated backups as of recently are also failing. Did you get this resolved?