Roon 1.8 build 988 closing randomly

Roon Core Machine

Dell XPS15 laptop I7
Win 10

Networking Gear & Setup Details

wifi connection - not very familiar with the router. Had been using ethernet with the nuc.

Connected Audio Devices

USB dac

Number of Tracks in Library

26000 tracks

Description of Issue

Sorry, I’m not computer savvy enough to readily find further info without explicit instructions.

I’ve recently started running Roon on this laptop. According to “About” I have Roon 1.8 build 988 stable 64 bit loaded. The current version.

I have run Roon for some years off a nuc without problem.

Running from the laptop, Roon occasionally simply stops - almost as if the exit button had been pressed. Usually I can restart as normal and resume playing from where it stopped. Some times instead of restarting it produces a bluescreen with “roon could not find WGL functions…” necessitating restart of the computer.

The stopping seems unrelated to any other activity with the computer. It can occur with seconds of start up or after an hour or more. On average I guess it does this once per 20 minutes or so.

I’ve uninstalled / reinstalled Roon without seeing any difference.

Hey @Murray_Porteous,

It’s great to see you in the community again! I’m sorry to hear you’re having an issue with Roon quitting on you. I have a few follow-up questions for you:

  1. Did you update the drivers from the GPU manufacturer’s website? Sometimes, auto-updates from Windows can cause issues with Roon. I would triple-check that your drivers are up to date according to your specific manufacturer’s website.

  2. Does this issue occur when using Roon on a remote device? Or do you only see this happen while using your Dell XPS15.

  3. If possible, are you able to hardwire your core to your router?

Overall, OpenGL is needed for Roon to run properly, and this error is saying it’s unable to find the proper resources on the GPU to start Roon. This might be because the drivers are bad or there is another application suppressing OpenGL support (we’ve seen some overlays do this).

One potential workaround would be to uninstall Roon (all in one app) and install RoonSever. However, this is a headless version of Roon and therefore you would need a Remote or another device to navigate the app.

Let me know your thoughts on the above, and I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

Thanks Ben,

I think the gpu drivers were updated not long ago. I tend to just allow whatever is recommended not knowing a great deal about this stuff. I’ll have another go at reloading them.

I’ve not had trouble like this before (on a small nuc), but I have only just started using this laptop (to get a bit more horsepower to run Dirac as well).

The XPS15 doesn’t have an Ethernet input and I don’t have an adaptor at this stage so running wired isn’t currently possible.

I’ve loaded Roon Server as you suggested and the problem seems to have gone - yay!

I guess that tells us it is likely related to the GPU. Other symptoms included sometimes Roon could be restarted (or sometimes blue screen), but if it did, sometimes the audio appeared to be working but no sound came forth (USB maybe?). Then the computer needed a restart - or at least that’s the only way I could find to get it all to work again.

The XPS15 is a temporary step toward an older lenovo X1 laptop as my server in a couple of weeks, so with any luck I’m sorted using Roon Server for now, so no need to go further.

Thanks for your help.


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Hey @Murray_Porteous,

I’m glad to hear moving over to Roon Server, for the time being, has allowed you access to your music again! That said, we’ve seen this bug before and are still currently tracking it.

I would be a bit curious to know what kind of GPU/monitor situation you have, are you able to share a screenshot of your display info (see pic below) and a description of your monitor setup?
2022-04-27 15_20_01-si_7.png (642×335) - Vivaldi

Thanks Murray!

Hi Ben,

The computer is just a Dell XPS-15 laptop - must be about 4 years old now - it’s out of warranty.

I’m using it standalone with Roon (long USB cable to the dac), though I tend to surf or email or such while it plays. I haven’t correlated other activities with Roon closing.

When Roon closes it is preceded by a click, then the music stops about a second later - a buffer perhaps. I have to restart Roon - the results are variable from bluescreen with crash warning, to starting but with no audio (something not connected in the audio path?), to restarting as if nothing is unusual. It seems crashing out likely leaves a bit of a variable mess behind.

Crashes would tend to happen within the first minute of use or if it passed that time, any time up to an hour or more.

Roon Server hasn’t crashed yet (after some hours of use).

The screen shot follows - happy to try anything, though you might need to lead me through it - updating drivers is a mystery to me - any time I tried it said they were up to date.



Hi @Murray_Porteous ,

Have you had any more crashes since your last post?

Roon itself shouldn’t cause a Bluescreen, but it’s possible that something else that Roon tries to access causes it. This can be a driver or a faulty piece of hardware, for example, if you have faulty RAM, the Blue Screen can occur when that specific RAM module or faulty part of it is accessed.

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Hi Noris,
no more problems after I changed to Roon Server.


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