Roon 1.8 (Build 988) - Finally!

For the FIRST time since I installed a NUC ROCK as the main core (2018), Roon works without the annoying delay of a few to ten seconds upon any action clicks. Hooray!!

Whatever you did in this round of update, please, please keep them in future releases.


What model is your Nuc?

7i5BNH. It was the top line supported by Roon and Akasa fanless cases at the time. I knew all along it was not a problem in my setup.

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I have the i7BNH 16gb memory and an m.2 nvme ssd helped a lot with my 300k+ track library. An i3 nucleus also same upgrades runs similarly well.


I just explained to you that there was nothing that I needed to “help” in my system for any hardware limitations or library size (I have nearly 2TB of music). How do I know? All the hardware and network remains the same as 4 years ago, but today the speed got dramatically faster. It was Roon’s inefficient algorithm after all.


Correlation is not necessarily causation. Those of us with similar systems (e.g. me, since 2017) have not been seeing any annoying delays - trust me, if I had seen it, I would be knocking on Support’s door at the earliest opportunity…


Well, there is no point arguing about an empirical observation, but I am confident that this is not just a correlation or coincidence. The actual list of fixes for Build 987 also supports this possibility. YMMV as it may also depend on the hardware or OS (of the remote), subnet configuration, and many other things. Today I just confirmed that it was not my hardware or network problem all along.

It feels like a chronic constipation problem is gone…

Let’s just be happy that your problem got sorted! :slight_smile:


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I wasn’t offering you help! And this is not a support thread. Plenty of others here benefit from ideas to improve their setups. Don’t think it’s just about you.

It was a response to my posting. The subject was not about improving performance with the hardware. It was just an irrelevant posting that’s what I was pointing out. You can always start your own posting. To clarify, you raised a reasonable suspicion that perhaps my hardware was not up to the task. I responded clearly that it was not. Then the conversation should have ended and there was no need to repeat the general statement like better machine will perform better. Everyone knows that.

LIkewise, I didn’t intend to start a general user feedback string here, but somehow the conversation is going tangent… I was just simply stating that Roon did something important in performance enhancement with this release, and was hoping to rather hear from other users with a similar experience.

The Nucleus has been good to me until these last 2 releases, where I find that must reboot it in order for Roon not losing connection to my streamer (linn klimax dsm/3).

If this keeps happening in the next release(s), I will send a ticket to the Roon support.

There is a known issue with Linn that Roon is working on.

Thanks @Nepherte for the heads-up, it’s a good news.

is this the “should i stay with the old release or upgrade?” thread for Build 988? Seems those threads were called “Build 9XX Feedback.”

I’ve been holding off as things are working fine for me on Build 970, but not seeing much feedback either way on 988.

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I haven’t seen build 9xx feedback anymore. Is there one for 988? Do they get shut down now?

Nobody bothered to open a specific feedback thread, that’s all about it. Feel free to open one…

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Thanks @Suedkiez - how could I have missed that. Of course, I remember this tab now. Since I normally only have one version of an album I rarely see this. Thanks for clarifying!

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