Roon 1.8 : can I restore my profil?

When playing with the new profil creation option, I deleted my main profil instead of the new one. I lost all my history and my favorites.
I tried to restore a back-up but for some reasons Roon does not find them. Is there any way to restore the data associated with my user’s profil?

Thanks for the help.

Hello @tarru_patepu, sorry to hear that! When you try to restore a backup, what happens? Can you share a screenshot of your backup location? Is this the process you’re following?

I found the problem. My backup is on a onedrive folder and the files were not automatically download on the physical drive.
Now, I can’t find any backup after 09/2020, if I can’t find another way to restore my old profil, I prefer to lose my history instead of all the changes to my librairy from the last 6 months.

Hello @tarru_patepu,

If you have deleted your profile, a Roon backup will not help in this case, unfortunately.
We display a message before deleting the profile mentioning that this action is irreversible:

2021-02-15 14_26_05-Slack _ support_qa _ Roon Labs - Vivaldi

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