Roon 1.8 : Composition AND Composer views CRASH [Ticket In]

Core Machine (Windows and Ipad OS/Roon 1.8)

Crashes systematically on composition view - Classical, when one selects a Period and presses Play. Happens on both Windows app and iPad (pro) OS.

When trying to play from Composer view, with a focus on a given Period, I get the following error message: “Tracks played are unavailable”.

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Hi @KML,

Can you please use your Windows PC to share a screenshot of where you are seeing the crash, reproduce it, note the time + date of occurrence and use these instructions to send me a set of logs for review ?

Hi @noris,

I would very much like to help, but I can’t find the log folder on my W10 core PC. I did a windows search, selected hidden folders, etc., I can’t find them.

When you press play now on the first screen (Classical Composers), you get the black notification : “Tracks played are unavailable”.

When you press “play now on the second screen” (Classical compositions), the app simply crashes, no matter what focus it is on.

These problems are obvious, surely you can easily reproduce them yourself.

Besides, I don’t know if the issues are related, but I posted another problem with the tagging function: 1) one can’t remove a composer’s tag without completely deleting the whole tag. 2) When you add a tag to a composer, it actually adds an artist tag, not a composer tag. 3) The only way to add a tag to a composer is on the “My composers” screen, not on the individual composer screen (which seems to be treated as an artist page, not a composer page). But then, the tag does not show on the composer’s page, plus back to problem 1), you can delete the tag.

The whole composition/Composer system seems to be broken and unusable.
I am open to workarounds, while you try to fix that on the next version.

Hello @KML,

I am able to reproduce this, I’ve passed this feedback to the team.

I am not able to reproduce a crash. Can you please open Windows Explorer and type this in the address: %localappdata%/Roon/Logs (Replace Roon with RoonServer if needed) and send me the logs you see there?

Hi @noris,
I found the logs on the windows 10 remote app, and I zipped them:

Hi, @KML, I put in tickets for both issues you mentioned. Thank you for reporting those.


Thank you, @ivan.

Hi @ivan and @ivan,

I tried again on ipad, and experienced the same problems on both windows and IpadOS, so these issues are not OS related.

  1. first video shows that a composer tag can’t be deleted.
  2. second video shows that a composer tag created on a composer page end up being registered as an artist tag.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your time.

I get exactly this behaviour on MacMini 2012, 16Gb ram, switched internal HDD to SSD. Mac Version 10.15.7

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