ROON 1.8 Could Have Been: A Baker’s Dozen

Ha. It’s gone. Just trying to help. Last post here for me.


Sounds like a “mind meld” of JRiver with a Roon front end

You missed native CUE/ FLAC playback along with ISOs

Consider please whether a better way to improve SQ wouldn’t be a plastic surgery of your auricles. Try to bend the auricles with your finger towards the speakers - you will be really surprised. And besides, you will then not disturb others from listening as they like.
And this is probably the quintessence of the SQ discussion - if you understand what I mean…

Please do not categorize people who have different knowledge than you as a stupid, because it might be considered rude or offensive!

Are you a member of the Roon Supervisory Board?

And I don’t think I want to read any more …

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Over and out. Done with ROON forums forever.

Moving on. There is no point. No more posts from me.

Another pointless thread that should be titled “what I want”


No more posts for me. There’s no point in trying.

I think you can safely assume they are already working on whatever they have in their dev pipeline for 2021.

Woah, a long list and not one point, that is of any interest for me.
But everyone has the right to his own opinion.

Please exclude me from the ‘we’!

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I agree with you here. There is a lot of moaning in this community and a regurgitated list of wants for every release.

It’s a hobby. Enjoy. Try other software if you’re not getting what you need.

I like the new UI of v1.8, and I applaud the Roon team for careful releases and updates. As a participant in many long-term software development projects, I can empathize with their engineering teams.