Roon 1.8: crashes, how to setup directories with music, and dark or light theme?

The expectations were high, great teasers all over the place, but the disappointment was enormous after a few hours. The program crashed all the time. I switched to the English version (was Dutch) But no improvement …
A very important mistake is that I can no longer set up my directories with music, I miss making backups, etc. It seems that I am missing many parts of the original settings menu. Also, I cannot choose a dark or light interface …
Is there a (temporary) possibility to go back to the 1.7 version, I still have a good backup. but I don’t have version 1.7 anymore.

The Theme setting is on the Settings - Setup page.

Ga naar instellingen en dan naar Taal:

Klik op + en selecteer English ( United States)


Na installeren opnieuw opstarten en het werkt.

Hello Mike,
thanks for your speedy reaction. But my setting menu looks something different. I made a screen dump/picture. Please look and wat’s happening.


Your Settings menu is messing, obviously. The display defaulted to the General tab.

What is your core running on, Rock, windows, mac?

May need to wait for support to get onboard if a machine boot or software restart doesn’t help.

Sorry for the trouble! Please see this post for details and a temporary workaround: