Roon 1.8 Feature Requests for Compositions View Screens and Overview Recordings screen

I would like to request a couple of new features relating to the Compositions page in Roon 1.8 and one related feature in the Composer → Overview → Recordings screen.

First, if one goes into the Compositions page via the Composer → Compositions → View (Recordings) screen, there is insufficient information to determine which version is which without clicking on the album cover. This is inconsistent with other similar views such as that on the 2 Home → Recent activity screens or indeed the parallel view in the Composer → Compositions → View (Albums) screen. This information would normally include Format, Bit Depth and Rate, Dynamic Range and any other pertinent information such as SHM-CD depending on how the Album Display is customized in the General Settings.

Therefore, I would like to request that the Album Display information as customized in the General Settings be made available on the Composer → Compositions → View (Recordings) screen.

Second, when one accesses the Composer → Compositions → View (Recordings) screen, one is limited to 3 “Sort by” options: Recording Date, Release Date, Popularity and Album [title].

Recording Date and especially Release Date are very useful for some genres such as Rock and Popular music. As I understand it, Popularity is useful for Tidal or Qobuz subscribers (I don’t have Tidal and I can’t get Qobuz in Canada). Album [title] is of some value in that it should at least group versions of the same recording together (e.g. the CD layer and the SACD layer of the same album). However, it would be a lot more useful for Classical music recordings if the different performances would be sorted by Artist or Ensemble as well. As an example, in my case I have over 20 recordings of some works.

I am virtually certain that these two sorting options were available in Roon 1.7 (especially the Artist sort). The way it seemed to work is that if that the Artist Sort option were chosen, it would sort first by Conductor if that were available and then by individual Performer if there were no Conductor. Although imperfect, in practice this worked extremely well and was a very useful feature.

Therefore, I would like to request that the Sorting options in the Composer → Compositions → View (Recordings) screen be expanded to also include an Artist Sorting option and, if possible, an Ensemble Sorting option equivalent to what it was in Roon 1.7.

Furthermore, I would also suggest that the Artist Sorting option and the Ensemble Sorting option be added to the Composer → Compositions → View (Albums) screen. Although not quite as useful as in the Recordings View, it would still have value.

Finally, I have had occasion to note a related problem in the Composer → Overview → Recordings screen. It should be noted that this view gives you recordings in which the Composer is also a performer. Interestingly, it does appear to correctly list the different versions (e.g. both the CD and SACD layers of an SACD). However, unfortunately it lists these compositions by Work title instead of Composer/Work title. Of course, in Classical music, there are many titles that are meaningless on their own such as Concerto or Symphony as there are numerous compositions by many different composers with those titles. Even then, for some reason it does not sort all the items correctly (e.g. Leonard Bernstein as a performer). To solve this problem these items should definitely be sorted and displayed by Composer/Composition.

Therefore, finally I would suggest that in the Composer → Overview → Recordings screen an additional sorting option would be for Composer/Composition and be displayed as such (i.e. Sort by “Composer” then Subsort by “Composition”). Furthermore, the Format, Version and Dynamic Range should be displayed.

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