Roon 1.8 feedback

Please post here your experiences with Roon 1.8.

What is your experience with this version? What do you like in this version?
What would you see improved in the next version?

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I don’t know yet. Lol


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Too early to tell, I only just installed it a couple of minutes ago.

Lads. Stop.

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There will be hundreds of threads about 1.8… best to give them good, specific topics names!


The first thing I’d like to state is the new interface is fantastic, so modern and slick.

The second thing that strikes me is how classy and timeless the old interface was and can I have it back please. Or a user selectable 1.7 / 1.8 interface. Or perhaps some options for which parts of the 1.7 interface I’d prefer over 1.8, for a fully customisable look.

Thirdly the sound is so much better, more clarity, so much more musicality and finesse without being overly robust or strident.

Fourthly this is unlistenable, what has been done to the sound. It’s like someone used a vacuum cleaner to remove all emotion or empathy from the music.

Well I’ll wait until I upgrade before continuing.



@JSE Why? Just let them have (keep) their own topic names. Now it becomes an unclear long line of reactions from which nothing concrete can be obtained.

Not quite as game changing as I was led to believe. Focus is still lacking at top level searches meaning you cannot use it in certain areas such as Genre or Qobuz area to find stuff more easily it comes into its own as you drill down though and becomes very useful.

Global search still sucks no changes here.

Overall the UI is a great update and on mobile a massive improvement their is now more parity across them all features wise. Editing is still not allowed though. It has some odd choices in the UI and some omissions that hopefully get sorted quickly by user feedback.

It’s still the best out there quirks and all and the UI refresh and new focus features worthy of the upgrade.

Radio is a big step back so far and is repeating a lot or playing more random unrelated music, this is a big let down for me.


IOS iPad Pro software, A okay, Zenith Mk. 3 A okay. Initially a little buggy got bounced out of app. then tried again and no issues. Where are the album star ratings now?

is it available in Canada?
As it stands it is not

I guess I just don’t get it,why do I care about what my listening habits are in a graph,or why you changed the better looking interface,I am all for
you making improvements, but a lot of your time
And money is spent for other things other than my personal music collection ,like finding music I might like…
The kind of improvements I would care about would
Have to improving the meta data for my lps,so I don’t have spend months entering credits because
Your data base doesn’t have half the stuff discoggs has,maybe back covers and booklets,or choice of reviews,
I did like the radio feature and haven’t tried Bluetooth,but circles?

Apart from those nasty iOS crashes in „Setiings“ first impression is poaitive :+1:

Q: How do I set in this version that it shows only compositions in my library by default? I always get the full Qobuz catalogue which is not good.

Do far very good update…but the old problem on android Sansung S10 - music stops when screen is out…

I have installed Roon on my server. That works fine. Unfortunately, the installation to version 1.8 on my iPad Mini 3 (system version 12.5.1) does not work. The app crashes when i go to settings. I have already reinstalled the app (made a clean installation) but unfortunately this is without result. Maybe someone has a solution?

1.8 working smoothly for me. Love UI changes especially vertical scroll instead of horizontal. Kudos to the Roon team!

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Option to select back 1.7. Yes! Yes! Yes!

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For me; verticals scrolling, portrait mode, and that discography now combines with your streaming service and just shows a library icon if you already have it. Much better than how it used to be separate for library and streaming service. Was confusing since your library is made up of steaming service albums that were favorited.

Biggest disappointed is that focus doesn’t work a higher level on the streaming service. Wish could just focusing on all of Qobuz and let’s say start narrowing down by Subpop label and 90’s albums. Right now only focusing after you have artist selected.

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It looks pretty. The database “seemed” to be faster from a query I submitted during a conference call. Will need to play more to get a complete feel.

Fixing issues which exist partially since 1.5.