Roon 1.8.... I am having a really hard time scrolling through my collection....sorry to bitch

Sorry but I don’t have time to read through all the posts related to 1.8 and the issues. I have two lifetime subscriptions so I feel I get a little leeway in complaining here.

I will say that I am grateful for all the effort put out by the Roon team. I know this isn’t easy to try to satisfy everyone. But I am way more interested in SQ than this ever expanding attempt to make the UI experience be this amazing thing. I just want to listen to music and be able to find what I have available without a certain level of stress.

I actually have nothing to complain about except how uncomfortable it is to scroll through the Artist. I guess I like left to right scrolling compared to up and down. I wouldn’t have thought so until I used it. That isn’t that big of a deal to me though.

But the issue is that I use Roon via a HTPC. So I usually use my 55" plasma for my monitor. So I sit on the couch and use a wireless keyboard. I use to have zero issue scrolling and scanning artist. Now I can only report that it is very challenging to take in the screen. I don’t know what all the artist look like. I have 2461 artists. I don’t have all the artist pictures and I am fine with that. But when I sit 12ft away from the screen, I see big round circles with a bunch of pictures and very tiny font for their names. It is exhausting to find an artist. I mean I would rather not. I am using JRiver for music way more than I have in years. It is because of 1.8.

I can hardly remember exactly what the scroll was like in 1.7 but I know I never ever once felt exhausted to just scroll for music. I find that I am noticeably not listening to music as much. Or actually I just put on Radio Paradise because I find the act of perusing my Artists to be so uncomfortable.

So there is my only complaint that I have found with 1.8. But as I said I have not been really using it.

I do wish I could just scroll through a list of artist and album sort of like in Windows Explorer. It would even be cool if I could click on a music file in Windows Explorer and it play in Roon like it does in JRiver.

Is there any way to go back to 1.7 at least until this scrolling gets better…or I find some other player?

Thanks for your amazing effort! I am not here to bust balls but to be clear on my experience.

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I’m a JRiver fan too, but isn’t JRiver vertical scrolling too?

I also have a large screen TV and wireless keyboard, and love it.

Do you know any keyboard shortcuts, thats how I get around, find your Page-Down & Page-Up keys, they make scrolling ultra fast and learn some of the Roon keyboard shortcuts

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I have a similar set-up and use a wireless mouse to scroll. Vertical is much easier than horizontal.

I don’t know why but I have no font size issue. Could be my glasses or screen resolution?

Hmm…undoubtedly Roon will check it, but my intuition tells me that the bigger group of users thinks that just this way of scrolling and graphic presentation is better.

It sounds like your complaint is not with the direction of scrolling, but with the font-size. It would be good (actually, essential) — on accessibility grounds — for Roon to allow users to adjust the font-size in the interface.

Unless I’ve misunderstood what you wrote, that would address your issue too.


Yes JRiver is vertical scrolling. The direction isn’t so much my issue. It’s how my eyes just don’t like the circles with lots of dark area between the Artist photo circles…I use dark theme. And then there is the little font size of the Artist’s name.

Yes I use some of the short cuts. It’s more of a visual issue for me personally. I am sure I will get use to it but I want to voice my experience with it to the designers.

It is just not as natural as it use to be. for me. It is a scrolling collage of faces that don’t mean much. Of course I know lots of artists faces but like I said, that is not the way I recognize.

Yes being able to adjust the font size would be useful.

I am not saying I am going to quite Roon over this. I am just giving feedback to the designers on my experience.

My other question is can we go back to earlier versions?