Roon 1.8 is excellent - with teething problems

Version 1.8 is excellent, thanks.

When selecting a composer (e.g. Mendelssohn) the purple “Play Now” button does not start a Roon Radio (which is what I think should happen). It says “unexpected error” and then “limiting Roon Radio to library”. Strangely it gave the same message when trying with Beethoven, hence the message below. Suspect it has something to do with the Qobuz integration.

Same here.

@RoonQA can you guys take a look?

It’s not Qobuz only. I use Tidal, and have it now as well. “Grover Washington, Jr.”, Play now, unexpected error yada yada…

Surely it’s not because of “too much traffic” now, the release date is gone for over a week…

Thanks, this has now been resolved.

Can confirm from the user side, I just tried exactly this with Mendelssohn and the radio started as expected. I have Tidal linked, not Qobuz, but it behaved as expected.