Roon 1.8, is it fully compatible with Monterey, please?

About to upgrade from macOS 11.6.1 to 12.1.

Will Roon 1.8 (Build 880) work as well with Monterey as it has with Big Sur, please - which is… perfectly?

I have so far zero problems with build 880 on Monterey 12.1 on Macbook Pro (Intel, 2016) as player and Mac Mini M1 as core/server.


Thanks, Espen - I was expecting such an answer. But am grateful to have it confirmed :slight_smile: .

Also no issues with the latest Mac OS release on m1 mini.

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Thanks, @Akimo,

I can obviously go ahead now.

There are some reports of database errors in the feedback thread, so you know the drill: Backup, backup, backup.

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Yes! Roon is compatible with Monterey. Database errors being reported in other threads are unrelated to macOS.

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Thanks, again, Espen! I always have multiple - and, when I say ‘multiple’, I mean six or seven… rotating! - backups. Good luck :slight_smile:

Wonderful. Thanks very much Kevin; and thanks for the latest build.

Good luck and Happy Holidays to everyone at Roon :slight_smile:

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Successfully upgraded to 12.1.

Everything working just as it always does. Thanks!

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