Roon 1.8 Legacy Remote app does not support iPhone or iPad as endpoints

Anyone else notice that the new 1.8 Legacy Remote app (which I am now using because my 2.0 version of the Roon software reverted on its own to 1.8 and won’t go back, a problem I am hoping and assuming Roon is working on) does not see iPhones and iPads as possible endpoints? This is a big issue for me because I often listen in bed at night with headphones to my iPhone through a portable DAC. No more. I used to be able to do this with the old Remote app before the upgrade.

HI Mark,

Two things. You need to be running the Legacy Roon Remote which is a new different app to connect to a legacy core. And as to the first issue, see this post.

Thanks Daniel. After my post, I saw the fix for the first issue. That’s all squared away now and I’m back on the regular Roon Remote app running 2.0 on both the Remote and my Core. But I have the same problem with the Remote not seeing my iPad or IPhone as a possible endpoint.

Just to clarify, you are running Roon Remote 2.0 (not ARC) on all the endpoints. And, you want the music to be sent to your iPad when controlling it with your iPhone, as an example. If so, it might be the update has reset all the mobile endpoints to private which is the default. If this is the case, go under the device settings and check the Private zone switch, if it is ON then turn it Off.

OK, for some reason the Remote app on my iPhone suddenly sees itself as an endpoint again, but the iPad Remote still doesn’t see the iPad as an endpoint.

No, I want to control the iPhone from the iPhone and the iPad from the iPad, but the iPad Remote does not see itself as a possible endpoint. And, yes, I am running Room Remote 2.0. Also, what device settings re your referring to re. the Private zone switch?

Never mind. I reloaded the app on the iPad and now it sees itself. :man_shrugging:t2: