Roon 1.8 looks nice on Win 10 PC - looks awful on Android Tablet + Phone!

I am a lifetime member and use (and love) Roon for quite some time now. I do agree with a lot of the negative feedback here on the new 1.8, though I basically do like the new design. However it seems a lot of this nice new look has been achived at the cost of functionality - and that is a bad idea, if you ask me …

However, I just noted some huge differences depending on the hardware im using 1.8 on.

  1. On my 1.920 x 1.080 monitor at a Win 10 PC the overall appearance is just nice. Sizes and size ratios for most objects seem to make sense and I am basically happy with this.

  1. On my Galaxy S6 Tablet (2.560 x 1.600 (WQXGA) - Android 10) things look completely different. Most objects seem too big, a lot are cut due to this and the overall appearance looks really awful to me.

What is the problem here ? Has the Android App really been done that bad ?
Or is there anything wrong on my side ?

  1. On a Samsung S10 phone 1.8 looks also bad, though this may not be my preferred controller anyway.

Some comments would be really appreciated.
Based on this I am confused how anybody using 1.8 on an Android tablet could be happy with it at all … ?

The phone app is so much better than 1.7. The font on 1.7 was tiny.

It’s called subjective preference. Not particularly confusing.