Roon 1.8 looses control of HQPlayer


after upgrading to 1.8, Roon daily looses the connection to my HQPlayer, running on the same device. Did someone already find a workaround? I really hope this will get fixed soon.

Best Robert

Nothing to be fixed at my place. I see no problems using Roon 1.8 and HQPlayer.
Connection is completely stable, no crash. I play over NAA.

Which HQPlayer version are you running?

Is the HQPlayer on the same server or embedded?

Best Robert

I have Roon & HQplayerEmbedded running on the sam Linux machine. No problems whatsoever.

Maybe you should provide some more specifics on your setup, and if possible a hunch about the disconnection. Does it happen when you have not played musicfor 1 hour, 10 hours, …


Hello Robert

I use HQPlayer 4.10 on a Win 10 Pc. Also has a Roon Core on it.
I dont experience any problems.

What filters/buffers are you using? I am having issues depending on DAC/filter combination. I have had to abandon a well loved DAC no longer in production. There won’t be a firmware upgrade so something in my chain/1.8 is the final straw. Stable so far with a much newer DAC I’ve decided I don’t really like. But its better than nothing.