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ROON missing a music album on my QNAP NAS I have deleted it and re-added it and forced a scan and it never appears other music that I’ve added recently is there. Is it possible that there’s a setting that is causing this problem

Can you post a screenshot of the folder with contents?
And; yes, it might be a setting… But thats rather unlikely since tou seem to be able to see other albums from your local library, i assume?

I assume you did a search by album title or by artist. Many times when I add an album, it does not show on the home page with other “recently added” albums. That almost always means I previously had the same album, but either in a different resolution, a different mastering, or some such difference. Or it’s in “skipped” files because Roon sees it as corrupt, or as a non supported format. Also, when you deleted it, did you do a library clean before re-adding it?

Hi I may have had a different resolution at some point. I didn’t do a clean up. I can try that. It’s just a rip of an SACD that I own. I’ve searched every which way and I only find low res versions on Qobuz and Tidal This is on my NAS which Roon has no problem seeing and utilizing.

I found the cleanup utility but the options indicated 0 files in each

Make sure you ripped it (extracted) with the “uncompress” option. Roon doesn’t support DST compressed files:

That shouldnt be the issue though. Do these files play in any other application?

Yes these files play fine on other rips in my system.

To solve the issue, I reripped the disk in a slightly different format and it shows up now.

Please tell us, what the difference was?

I created a DFF 64DSD file and that worked

Good that you got it working!

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