Roon 1.8: My playlists have disappeared

Hi everyone.
I recently switched to Roon from Audirvana, and It’s truly been an amazing upgrade.
However, after updating to Roon 1.8 all of my Playlists have now disappeared from the menu incl my Tidal playlists. Has anyone else experienced this, and/or can any of you help or advice me on how to resolve this issue? Thank you.

  1. Download Roon 1.8 (core) and reinstall it
    When no positive result:
  2. Restore from Roon back-up might be a solution (if you have one)

I think Playlists in Roon have always been under “My Stuff” rather than under “TIDAL”. At least that’s how things are with v1.8.

Correct. They’re normally located under “My Stuff” (both Roon and Tidal) playlists, but they’ve all disappeared.