Roon 1.8 needs 4.25GB space for the app on the i-pad remote

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

PC Windows10 Version 1909

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Basic modem/router ethernet cable

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Trinnov Altitude32/16 digital audio to Meridian digital speakers

Description Of Issue
Installed the 1.8 Roon version on my ipad air Modellnumber MD7888LL/A with sw 12.5.1 (used as remote) and on my PC.
Everything was working fine, after a while the album picture loading get slow and slower, finally the connection from the remote to the core get more and more disconnected. I get a warning on my ipad, storage full.The Roon app needs 372.9MB space, but the associated data needs 4.62 Gb of space on my ipad…WHY, its “just” a remote.The data/music are stored on my PC. Help, want to hear music, cant do it now…Robert

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Have removed the remote app on my ipad.Then i got about 4,2 GB more space. Now installed the app again, takes 3 hours, unbelievable.Roon app size is now 380,2 MB and the associated data are 23,2 MB.So everything looks good,BUT the connection to the Roon core chrashes (“lost connection” and message is “try a different core”. ) So it works for some minutes or even less.Also loading the album pictures is very slow and/or the connection is lost again. ITS VERY ANNOYING !!
The music quality is now incredeable good, that is a BIG plus. So its even more annoying as i want now more time to spend on music listening, but…see above.
Thanks for any help Robert

Hi @RobertW

Regarding app size — We are aware of this and are working to resolve this issue in a future update. A reinstall should resolve things as you’ve seen.

As for the iPad not connecting — Does everything work okay if you use a different remote? Or does it happen for all? What if you use the PC Core directly?

Hello Dylan,

meanwhile is installed the wired camera adapter, where the ethernetcable is connected.So now wireless communication anymore.The reaction is much faster for loading and searching albums, oi8ctures.So i have to check my wireless network.BUT, i do not recongnize that on other application. BUT, it happened sometimes, not seldom,also not very often, that the whole application get lossed on my ipad.(Closed). When i start it again,i continues flawless from the status where it was before closing the app,
means when the app have closed during a search or during scanning through the albums like going pages further, it continue and the process is the fullfilled. Could that be maybe like a buffer problem somewhere ? What happened at the ipad storage space is, that the app itself have still 380,2 MB, but the associated data have growed up from 23,2 MB to 618,4MB.I have imported some music during the installation of 1.8sw, but i have no idea if that is good, standard or bad ? What are that data, have that data to be on the ipad ?
BUT, the music sounds very good, a big thanks here !!
Maybe Roon hould public a note whats going on, as a lot of bad mouzhing happened everywhere, and that is either not fair and not good and not true also.Juast few words can help here i guess.

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