Roon 1.8: No scroll indicator in playlists on iPhone 12 [Ticket In]

There is no possibility to see where in a playlist you are - there should be like in every other up a scroll indicator on the right side.


@dylan Has the Team been able to reproduce the bug?

Yep same here but the main section has fast scrolling unlike other areas, possible reason for not having it, but not having the bar is another inconsistency in UI.

@mike This is a tiny yet very annoying bug still present - what’s the status on it?

@support Sad to see no one is responding to this very obvious and unfortunately annoying bug - still present in very latest version.

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I’m going to move your topic over to the Support forum for more visibility.


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Hey @Markus_Hubner,

Thanks for making a post about what would make the Playlist view even better. We appreciate the input.

@SimplicityCompass, thanks for getting support’s attention. This, however, looks like a feature request regarding Roon 1.8. I’ve moved it back to Feature Request so it can get the attention and input it needs, both from our Product Team and the community.


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Hi @beka

I regarded it as a support issue rather than a Feature request because:

The individual playlist screen on desktop control apps (at least win 10 in my experience) has a scroll bar, as well as on iPad. But not on iPhone as the OP has reported.

The lack of a scroll bar can’t be a delibrate design decision due to reduced screen estate on smaller devices, as the scroll bar appears on similar screens on iPhones - My Tracks, My Compositions…

The scroll bar is also missing from My History and the Queue, on iPhone and iPad, but not on desktop.

There maybe specific technological reasons why the scroll bar appears on some screens but not others, but as a user I’m not aware of this limitation. So I’d expect to see the scroll bar on all devices.

If there are specific limitations at play here, I’d be grateful for them to be explained.

The Feature request and Support sections seem to have overlapping posts that are actioned by Roon anyway (with a blury distinction between what makes a bug and a request), so not an issue for me - I just wanted to explain my rationale for moving the topic.

Many thanks.

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Wow! It looks like you have given this some thought. Thank you @SimplicityCompass. I’m at a point where I can’t not see things as you do.

Let’s see what our team has to say about it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks rebeka. :smiley:

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This is definitely not a design or feature request rather than a concrete bug as it has been pointed out here! A scroll indicator is a default element in every single interactive software to provide the User the information there are more elements than displayed in a certain visible area.

And it’s crucial to know where you are within that number of elements. Like using a web browser to scroll within a page.

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Thanks for clarifying what you meant, @Markus_Hubner. It looks like @SimplicityCompass has got it right from the very beginning.

One of our technicians will follow up on this thread. Thanks in advance for the patience :pray:

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Can you or some of the technicians provide an update?

@support Is the Roon team not using playlists? Hard to imagine otherwise not to come across such an obvious bug :-/

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