Roon 1.8 not working for me

I installed 1.8 What a piece of crap. Everything is buggy. Artwork is screwed. Tidal menu is ■■■■■ Cannot use my android as a remote.


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I quit. Subscription due feb 17. Not this time. Should have given us the choice instead. Audirvana is my preferred choice anyway.

Same here. Killed my Android tablet.

Hello @Law_Hindle ,

Apologies to hear about the difficulties here, I can certainly assist! So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Can you please share a few screenshots of the issues you are seeing?

I have zero issues. Upgrade was smooth and painless. Honestly I don’t understand why so many complains. Everything looks great, is faster, modern UI, iPad portrait mode, etc.

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Listen I appreciate your point of view, but try at least to show some empathy as to peoples frustration. Audiophile shouldn’t make you unsensible to his annoyance. He paid around $700 and has had prior issues. With the 1.8 update debacle on top, he’s just very annoyed. I would be too.


Happy to hear.

It’s not difficult to understand though. People updated to the latest version and there are loads of not isolated issues. Which means that it’s not linked to peoples specific setup.

Would you mind posting your settings screen from the Windows client? I would like to compare as I’m missing the majority of the entries…

Hallo @Thomas_Bohn, das Problem besteht aktuell bei der 1.8 Version und tritt offenbar immer dann auf, wenn die Systemsprache des jeweiligenGerätes auf dem Sie Roon ausführen nicht „Englisch“ ist. In meinem Fall hat es geholfen die Systemsprache im iPad auf „Englisch“ zu wechseln - damit läuft die Roon iOS-App wieder normal (allerdings nur in Englisch) und auch das Menü „Einstellungen“ ist wieder verfügbar. Bei der Anwendung auf einem Windows-PC soll die (temporäre) Umstellung der Systemsprache ebenfalls bei einigen Anwendern geholfen haben. Das Roon-Support-Team scheint das Problem bereits erkannt zu haben und arbeitet offenbar bereits an einer Lösung. Ich hoffe, das hilft Ihnen weiter und Sie können Roon bald wieder „normal“ genießen…

Danke, dann warte ich auf das nächste Update.

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after 1.8 cannot connect to my Rasp pi 4 which is connected to my topping E30. Roon 1.8 Refuses to discover a setup which was working perfectly until the update. verified my connection through network by logging into Pi at RoPieeeXL [ropieeexl]
sent complaint to roon support and now they want ME to sort out this disaster. I need to send my setup , logs, whatever else and troubleshoot. I paid for the annual subscription, which thankfully ends in 5 days. what luck. My time is valuable. certainly the time needed to sort this is worth far more than their annual subscription. What were the clowns at Roon thinking and why did they not at least beta test?

Dylan Caudill Roon Labs support
why do we need to sort this out? the components of my setup are invisible and undiscoverable. despite reboots, restarts, uninstall, re- installs, attempted setups, disable, enable etc. it doesn’t work
where is my free subscription for a year. that is only way I would consider attempting to set up this disaster

To say that most users are not experiencing these problems acknowledges that there are many that are experiencing problems. There is a poll somewhere on this site that suggests that approximately 50% are experiencing problems with a majority wanting Roon to make 1.7 available again. There are no improvements in 1.8. Prove me wrong.

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