Roon 1.8 - Please sort out recommended albums for artists

When I go to an Artist’s page there is a section called “Recommended Albums”. I am impressed how almost every artist in the world has got more prolific since Roon 1.8 was released. Artists that previously had only released maybe 1 or 2 albums now often have 5 or more albums, The reason of course is because this section supposedly listing “Recommended Albums” also includes singles and EPs so is totally at odds with the described content. If you then go and click the grey “Discography” button to the right of the “Recommended Albums” title it does take you to a page that correctly splits out albums and EPs & singles but that headline display that you first encounter at the top level artist page is nonsense.

I suppose there are 2 obvious solutions I can see …

1 - Change the title of that section from “Recommended Albums” to “Recommended Recordings” or “Recommended Releases” or some other description that indicates that singles and EPs are included or

2 - Only include albums in the content displayed.

Personally as an old-school album kind of guy I would prefer the latter but either way the total mismatch between description and content is bugging me and in my opinion needs to be fixed one way or another.


The recommended albums genuinely seems to be amiss. Odd live albums appear, singles,remixes, in fact everything except what you would expect. On Pink Floyd we even get an Eric Prydz track as a recommended Floyd album.
The section called “In their prime” seems a lot better at pulling the real supposed ‘classic’ albums by artists. Though this does not appear on all artists.

Here are a few examples:


Yeah. Thanks for flagging up those representatives anomalies. Quite a mess.

As a child of the 70s, well technically born in the 1950s but it was during the 1970s when I first fell in love with music, I still find myself thinking very much in terms of albums so how those are presented is of critical importance to me so I do hope the discography capabilities are fixed and maybe even enhanced.

My personal preference would be to be able to set my default discography view for every artist’s page to show just their studio albums in chronological order with options for me to then go and expand the focus as desired to explore a wider range of albums if I want to e.g. by including live albums, collaborations etc. Even if that doesn’t happen though singles definitely shouldn’t be showing up in what is claiming to be a list of albums!

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