Roon 1.8: Problems with artist view and focus

Roon 1.8 on MacMini (2018) with macOS 11.2.1
Roon remote (latest version) runs on iPad Pro with iPadOs 14.4
Music files are stored on QNAP NAS TS-251D
Roon database backup is stored on the MacMini.
Subscription to Tidal

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Everything (except the iPad) is connected via Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Audio device is from dcs

Description Of Issue

I experience three types of problems after the update to 1.8:

  1. Focusing on artists according to genres may work for a while, but then, all of a sudden, focus stops to work. Genres, Tags, etc. are not shown at all when using focus. In this case, the only thing that helps is to turn off the iPad completely and to restart it again. The attached pictures show the three occurring cases.

The problem occurs on a regular basis, sometimes once an hour. A restart of the iPad is then needed to get going again.

  1. When I started roon after two days of absence, I could see the overview of artists, but when selecting an artist, no albums were shown. Only the roon symbol was blinking. It took about a minute until the first album appeared. This delay occurred for all artists. Restarting roon remote and the roon core did not help.

This problem was only present in the artists view of MyLibrary. When selecting albums in MyLibrary, albums were immediately listed and music could be played without delay. When going back to the artists view of MyLibrary, the problem was back again.

Before this problem turned up, I had used the function
Library maintenance: Clean up library.
I restored a previous backup, and in fact, the problem disappeared.

This problem occurred only once.

  1. When playing an album and then returning to the artist’s page, some albums from MyLibrary are sometimes not shown. The missing album may even be the one I just listened to.

This problem has been observed one, but it was reproducible.

In addition, I should mention that the entire database has been re-scanned several times during the last couple of days.

I hope you can help.

Best regards,

Add on to my above post:

I now installed roon remote on an iPhone 8 as well, also with OS 14.4. On the iPhone the app runs stable, whereas the problem on the iPad Pro remains. I have to restart the iPad Pro all the time to get focus to work.

More specific hardware and software details:
iPdad Pro 10.5 ", model MPF02FD/A
roon 1.8 (build 756)

Regards, Alfred

Do you see this issue occur if you use any other remotes?

Is there any certain action that seems to lead to this occurring?

Does this always happen with a specific artist / album? Can you share some screenshots showing this?

Only the iPad causes problems. On the iphone, roon remote works flawlessly while both devices use the same OS, see above.

On the iPad, when no focus is selected and the iPad just lies on the sofa for a while, focus will no longer work when I try to use it again. On the other hand, if I have a genre selected and leave the iPad on the sofa, it will be fine when I re-use it for selecting another genre or deselecting this feature. No certain action other than doing nothing seems to lead to this occurring.

As far as I can tell, this only happened with a specific artist and album. I just tried to reproduce the effect, but it did not occur. If it happens again, I will take screenshots or a video.

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