Roon 1.8 ROCK on NUC connection problem with Oppo UDP-205 USB

Problem: When I turn ON my Oppo UDP-205, Roon 1.8 ROCK running on a NUC does not see the Oppo USB connection unless I reboot the NUC.

Before I updated ROCK on the NUC to 1.8, Roon had no issues at all seeing the Oppo USB connection. I always leave the NUC running, but I will turn off the Oppo when not using it.

I have confidence that Roon can fix this. I have a lifetime license and don’t regret it at all.

I’ve had this same issue once before but it was a month ago while still on 1.7. It’s not new with 1.8. Can’t recall if I cycled the NUC or removed the USB cable and reconnected while the NUC and 205 were powered up. Could be similar to the USB attached disc player not ripping. Removed and reconnected that USB cable and the ripping was working again. Not recognizing attached cables seems more related to the Roon OS than the Roon Software but I really don’t know.