Roon 1.8: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e treated as a phone?

When I look in the ‘About’ screen under ‘View Info’ it says ‘This Phone’. When I do the same on my iPad it says ‘This Tablet’. The iPad version has a lot more information and functionality on the Now Playing screen than the Samsung (for instance only static lyrics and the played indicator is only a simple line). I think that the Roon software ‘thinks’ it is running on a (small) phone and not on a (large tablet). This was not the case with 1.7 (although I am not sure if it said “This Tablet”).

My Kindle Fire is now treated as a phone and lost full functionality as well. I now use my laptop to explore Roon because the handicapped versions are not very good, in my opinion.

My Samsung S6 does both landscape and portrait. It couldn’t do it before. In landscape I can not grab a sing in a playlist and move it around.

I’ld like to go back to the other version, quite honestly.