Roon 1.8 shows spinning Roon Icon indefinitely at Startup

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 / Core I5 9600K, 16 GB RAM, local library stored on Synology NAS / Roon 1.8 (build 756)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired ethernet connects Core machine to Synology NAS with music files via Netgear Orbi router local network and connected to Xfinity cable modem for internet access. All other applications working and can access the internet and Synology NAS via Windows from Core machine.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Does not get to that stage. When it could actually get to the point of playing music output to System Output (on Core machine) as well as streaming to various Sonos devices.

Description Of Issue

Roon was working properly as of 2/17. I routinely shut down the Core each night at bedtime (it resides on my home office PC.) Upon startup this morning, the Roon application launches and then sits on the blank screen with the animated Roon Icon. The application does not appear to have crashed, I can move the window, close the application using the close button on the window, etc. It shows as running in task manager, using 381 MB or so of memory and a low amount of CPU. However, it never loads the library or otherwise makes any progress off of the first screen.

I am able to access the internet from the core machine. I am able to log in to Roon web site from the core machine. I am able to connect to Qobuz and steam music from the core machine. I am able to access the LAN and the Synology NAS to see all the files in my local library.

I checked to make sure Roon had access to the network in Windows and both roon.exe and raatserver.exe have access in both private and

public networks.

I rebooted the core machine and restarted Roon multiple times and it continues to stay on the screen with the animated Roon icon.

I attempted to access the Core from a different remote (using WiFi over the Netgear Orbi from an android phone that I sometimes use as a remote) and it ALSO sits on the animated Roon icon on the first screen. Thus client behavior is consistent on both the Core machine as well as remote clients, indicating this is likely a server side issue of some sort.

Some additional information: I tried uninstalling the Roon software from my Android Remote. I then reinstalled. When I ran Roon, it asked for me to approve the privacy policy, then gave me a list of possible Cores. The only one listed was my core as shown above, meaning the remote could see there was indeed a core running on the network. I then picked my Roon Core and it just sat there indefinitely on the spinning Roon icon screen.

Link to server logs: Server logs ZIP file

Link to client logs: Client logs ZIP file

Please note that unlike some bugs which are “inconvenient” this is a show stopper and Roon is 100% unavailable to me.

Still a problem 24+ hours later.

Still a problem.

Six days with no response from Roon Support. I am unable to use Roon AT ALL due to this problem, the remotes simply will not start on any device.

Having waited nearly a week even for acknowledgement of my issue from Roon I was tired of waiting around while paying a subscription for the privilege. :unamused:

On the assumption that Roon somehow corrupted the core database, I renamed my Roon folder to Roon_OLD and reinstalled the latest version from the Downloads page.

Upon launching the new install, Roon was able to properly initialize, log in to the Roon web site to check my account status and I was able to set up audio devices.

I then pointed roon at my music files on my NAS and rather than wait around while it did it’s whole database build, I loaded the most recent backup (from several days prior to when the system stopping working) so that, in theory I would have my playlists, play history, etc.

This appears to have worked, and I am once again able to access Roon and actually play music.

I worked in the software industry for many years, in the database industry for more than a decade. I get that complex systems can have problems and in this instance I was able to piece together a strategy for addressing the problem myself (though it took me quite a lot of time.) So, happy ending, right? Not so much. Ignoring your paying customer for 6 days while they have a system which is inoperable is very poor business practice. Since my subscription comes up for renewal on March 22, I now have to consider whether I want to do business with Roon Labs as a company any longer.

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Hi @Christian_Schock,

I wanted to say a big thank you for not only posting about your issue but actively making the effort to find a solution despite the silence on our end. I want to also apologize for our delay.

This is definitely not the response time we are aiming for and I am so sorry it took us too long to get back to you. For context, since the release we have received numerous requests and we’re stretched thin and still catching up.

I am very appreciative that you have followed up and let us know how things unfolded. It’s great to see there is now a resolution and you’ve discovered it.

Thank you :pray:

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